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ACJC goes out to mass market

ACJC, the leader in single aisle VIP cabin
completions, has achieved a new step in cabin innovation with unrivalled
full-height mini-suites, designed by its in-house Creative Design Studio and
already fitted to an ACJ319.

Each suite features a 2.5 m² individual and
cleverly furnished space, including a large seat that is convertible into a 33 in by 79 in fully-flat bed. This
private space has been carefully thought out to provide the most convenient
environment, and is outfitted with several ingenious storages areas, including
a redesigned overhead stowage bin, plus a versatile folding table, that is
equally well suited for dinner or work and a 32 in high-definition (HD)

The design of these unique and complex spaces
challenged ACJC on technical constraints, including pressure and temperature
regulations, air-flow and lighting, while still providing a secure and comfortable

Strengthened by its VIP customer’s satisfaction
and based on its experience, the Airbus subsidiary is now working on
full-height suite concepts for the A380. “Our contact with airline companies showed
us that this kind of product could be adapted to airlines, matching their
branding, culture and operations” says Sylvain Mariat, Head of the Creative
Design Studio.

“Through this approach, ACJC wishes to
capitalize on its avant-garde process on VIP market to offer to airlines’
demanding passengers state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, while
satisfying specific regulations and restrictions” concludes Joël Frugier, ACJC
General Manager.

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AZAL, Ural Airlines agree on Gabala – Moscow code-share flight

Airlines (AZAL) and Russian Ural Airlines will start operating joint flights on
Gabala –Moscow– Gabala air route since July 31, 2016.

to the Code-Share Agreement, the Ural Airlines’ flights on this air route will
be operated under the codes of both airlines.

flights en route Gabala – Moscow– Gabala will be operated once a week, on Sundays.

from Domodedovo International Airport (DME) is at 11:30a.m. (Moscow time – UTC/GMT + 3 hours), arrival at
Gabala International Airport (GBB) is at 03:15p.m. local time (UTC/GMT + 4
hours). Departure from Gabala is at 04:25p.m. local time, arrival in Moscow is at 06:20p.m.
local time.

from Gabala to Moscowwill be operated by Airbus A320 airliners, which have economy and business
class passenger cabins.

can be purchased at AZAL sale offices and booked on the website To purchase tickets and for more
information, please contact: (+994 12) 598-88-80; *8880. E-mail:

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SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, explains lack of flights to Zhukovsky Airport

SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan,
explained the lack of flights to the Zhukovsky International  Airportthat the aeronautical authorities of Kazakhstan did not issue a
certificate to this air carrier to operate this flight, SCAT officially responded

The Airline clarifies the first flight was
scheduled for July 20, 2016, but it did not take place due to lack of the
flight operation certificate (permits) for Astana, Kazakhstan – Zhukovsky (Ramenskoye),
Russia – Astana air route.

date, the Airline has not received the official reasons for the refusal to
issue the certificate to this air route”, the report says. SCAT said that Russian
aviation authorities have met all the necessary procedures on their part.

Vladimir Denisov, President of SCAT Airlines, and
Thomas Vayshvilla, CEO, Ramport Aero, signed a cooperation agreement on the
opening of the airport in Zhukovsky on May 30, 2016. According to the document,
SCAT planned to operate its flights from seven cities of Kazakhstan to Zhukovsky
on a regular basis.

Flight operations to Zhukovsky will
significantly reduce rates on airline tickets, SCAT is confident. Airfares can surprise
passengers flying from Kazakhstanto Moscow Region, one said in the SCAT Airlines’ statement.

As previously reported, the opening of
passenger flights to Zhukovsky Airport is delayed at
least until the end of October 2016.

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Chairperson of Board, Manas International Airport OJSC, recognized, as the best leader in 2015 among state-owned companies in Kyrgyzstan

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Emir Chukuev, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Manas International
Airport Open Joint Stock Company (MIA OJSC), has been recognized, as the best
leader in the rating of profit rates among all public companies in Kyrgyzstan for

So, for the last two years, the Public Council of the State Property
Management Fund, Kyrgyz Republic, has been carrying
out the analysis of companies with state participation to identify effective
leaders, ensuring high profitability of their companies.

One should note that a lot of work has been done under the Mr. Chukuev’s
leadership to increase the efficiency of the enterprise and optimize business

The main significant events in 2015 are as follows:

  • The first stage was completed to reconstruct
    the Issyk-Kul International Airport at MIA OJSC own expense.
  • As a part of the project to develop
    transcontinental transport hub based upon the Manas International Airport, one has acquired
    80% of shares of Manas Management Company CJSC.
  • The first stage was completed to reconstruct
    the airfield pavement at Osh International Airport at MIA OJSC own expense.
  • One carried out the design work to expand
    the Manas International Airport building area.
  • Three millionth passenger was served.
  • One has reviewed and introduced a new billing
    system for airport services.
  • The Manas International Airport has
    introduced an automated baggage screening system and enhanced reception
  • Work has begun to expand the airport
    building for transit passengers and the arrivals terminal for
    international destinations.
  • Work was done to expand the airport areas
    at Manas and Osh airports and others.

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Peter Foster: Air Astana has no plans to raise prices on air tickets

Air Astana has no plans to raise ticket prices, this was announced by
Peter Foster, the President of Air Astana JSC.

 “In this situation, in view of
the negative results, if we make a sharp increase in tariffs, it will have the
opposite effect, given how the market is fragile nowadays”, Mr. Foster said.

According to him, if the airline raises rates, it will destroy the
market recovery.

“The Airline does not plan any sharp and some dramatic actions, as
regards its tariff policy, as well as it was done in the past, since the
devaluation in August 2015”,
the President of Air Astana said.

In conclusion, he added that Air Astana is not a monopoly. Four air
companies offering their air services on international air routes have been
registered in the domestic market.

“We have no any intentions to give away our market by a sharp increase
in prices”, he concluded.

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Kazakhstan residents return some 400 tickets to Turkey last weekend

of Kazakhstan have returned
some 400 tickets to flights to Turkeyover the past weekend, President of JSC “Air Astana” Peter Foster
revealed at a press conference.

to Mr. Foster, Air Astana customers changed their destination from Turkey to Dubai, Bangkok, Vietnamand Georgia.

total, some 400 tickets were returned over the past weekend.

Foster also noted that only a few tickets to France had been returned.

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Paolo Ricciotti named as new Chairperson of Astana International Airport

Ricciotti has been named as new Chairperson of the Board of JSC “Astana International Airport“, Kazinform
has learnt from the Managing Company “Airport Management Group”.

Riciotti, Italian citizen, began his career in aviation industry back in 1974 in “Nigeria
Airways” Air Company under the Management of KLM (Rome, Italy).
During his work in the field of civil aviation Paolo Ricciotti established
himself as high qualified international specialist, passing through all stages
of professional development – from an ordinary manager to top manager in world
famous air companies, namely “Cathay Pacific Airways”, “SEA
Aeroporti Milano”, “SEA Handling Spa”, “Astra Air
Charter” and others.

Ricciotti participated in large-scale business projects, and was involved in
both side of the aviation industry, from the airline prospective as a user and
from the airport side as service provider. In his career he had the opportunity
to manage very large workforce in complex and multicultural environment, to
research the market of aviation services and implement planning of operational
resources for effective management and sustainable development of the companies
with a keen attention on increasing the level of safety and security of the
operations. From 2012 to 2015 he worked as Director of Ground Services in
“Air Astana”.

believe that professionalism of Paolo and goals of AMG to implement the best
world practices, standards and technologies, increasing of the traffic,
improvement the services and ensuring the standards of safety and security will
contribute the establishment of the capital’s airport as one of the leading air
harbors of Eurasia,” Managing Company “Airport Management Group”
one said in a statement.

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Bad weather delays six flights in Astana

weather forced the Astana International Airportto delay six flights on Friday morning.

to online flight schedule, flights from Almaty (IQ 353, Qazaq Air, 11:50a.m.),
Aktau (DV 741, SCAT Airlines, 11:20a.m.), Kostanai (KC 336, Air
Astana, 00:30p.m.), Almaty (DV 713, SCAT Airlines, 01:05p.m.) and Almaty (KC 621,
Air Astana, 02:40p.m.) were delayed.

addition, the flight CZ 6014 from Astana to Urumqi operated by China Southern Airlines
was delayed as well (to be operated at 03:50p.m. local time).

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Russia removes ban on flights to Turkey

The Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency
(Rosaviatsiya) removed ban on flights to Turkey on July 22, 2016, Sputnik

connection with guarantees on adopting measures of increased air security
presented by the Turkish side, Rosaviatsiya cancelled all restrictions imposed
earlier on realization of regular flights between the Russian Federation and
the Republic of Turkey, said Russia’s air carrier Aeroflot in a statement.

is opening ticket sales to Istanbul and Antalya through all channels,”
one said in the statement.

authorities imposed restrictions on flights to Turkey on July 16 after the
attempted military coup in the country on July 15, 2016.

Source – Zhukovsky Airport lost its passengers

Opened in late May 2016, the Zhukovsky International Airportwas left without passenger flights until at least the end of October 2016. According
to, SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan,
and Air Kyrgyzstan, which agreed
to fly to the fourth airport near Moscow,
, faced
with a tightening of bureaucratic procedures. Earlier, it was stated that the
first passenger flight would land in Zhukovsky on June 20th.

Kyrgyz airline Air Kyrgyzstanand Kazakh SCAT Airlines will not carry out their passenger flights to Zhukovsky
airport before the end of the spring-summer flight schedule. They were the only
passenger airlines that reached an agreement with the new airport, as regards
flight operations.

Both air carriers preferred to fly to Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport in the current spring-summer season.

Currently, Air Kyrgyzstan does not operate its flights from Bishkek and OshKyrgyzstan, to Moscow. The first next
flight en route Bishkek – Moscow will be
operated by Air Kyrgyzstanon August 9, 2016, and the plane will land at Moscow’s Domodedovo. There will be no any flights
en route OshMoscow this summer season, the Air Company’s
representative office informed By the end of the spring-summer
season (the end of October), the Air Kyrgyzstan’s flight schedule has no any flights
to Zhukovsky International Airport.

The SCAT Airlines’ flight schedule also has no any flight to Zhukovsky
until the end of October 2016. The flight schedule for the autumn-winter period
has not yet been published.

Lack of passenger flights to Zhukovsky is due to the fact that the Russian
Ministry of Transport awarded the status of a regional airport to Zhukovsky rather
than the one belonged to Moscow, as ones at Sheremetievo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo,
Zhukovsky explained

“In connection with the change in the status, airlines are now required
to undergo a series of additional procedures, so the pre-flight date had to be
postponed”, a Spokesperson of the Zhukovsky Airport said.

This fact was also confirmed by Joldosh Bekturganov, Chairperson, Air Kyrgyzstan.
“Since this is not a Moscowairport, it is necessary to carry out an agreement between the aeronautical
authorities of the two countries to conclude an intergovernmental agreement. In
addition, an intra Kyrgyz tender for flights to Zhukovsky will be held. In
total, it will take about two months”, Mr. Bekturganov noted in his conversation
with Gazeta.Ru.

He added that the flight schedule until the end of October has already
been formed and the airline will not carry out its flights to Zhukovsky in the
current season.

“We have plans to fly there, the negotiations are underway, but before we
start flying, we need to carry out a joint advertising campaign to explain to
passengers how to get to Moscowfrom the airport”, Mr. Bekturganov said.

SCAT Airlines was not able to provide with quick comments, adding that one
has scheduled a meeting to be held on July 21, 2016, to discuss a question of
possible flights to Zhukovsky.

Earlier, Rostec, which owns 25% of the Ramport Aero Company, the airport
operator, said that Air Kyrgyzstan would operate eight flights a week to Bishkek
and Osh, and
SCAT – 12 weekly flights to Shymkent, Aktobe, Aktau and Astana.

The first passenger flight was scheduled for June 20, 2016, and Air Kyrgyzstanwas supposed to operate it but it did not take place.

Later, Ramport Aero reported on the possible opening of flights to Kazakhstanin July, but in July, Zhukovsky did not take any passenger aircraft.

The first phase of construction of the Zhukovsky International Airport was completed
this year. One built a passenger terminal having an area of
​​17,000 sq. m. with a carrying capacity
of up to two million people a year. Investors
 have invested about RUR 1.8 billion in the airport.

The Zhukovsky International Airportis operated by Ramport Aero, created in 2014 after the competition to select an
investor. 75% + 1 share of this company are owned by Avia Solutions, Lithuania, 25% – by the Russia Transport and Exhibition Center, a structure of Rostec.

Official opening ceremony of the Zhukovsky International Airport was to be held in
mid-March, but then it was postponed to May 30th. The ceremony was
attended by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Industry and
Trade Denis Manturov, Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov, Deputy Prime
Minister Dmitry Rogozin, as well as representatives of Rostec – Victor Chemezov,
President of the state corporation, and his deputy Dmitry Shugaev. On the same
day, an agreement was signed with two Russian cargo airlines, Sky Airlines
Gates and Aviastar-TU.

Ural Airlines, Russia,
also considered a possibility to fly from Zhukovsky, but an Inter-Ministerial Commission
under the Ministry of Transport refused to grant allowances for regular flights
from Zhukovsky to the cities in Kyrgyzstanand Tajikistan (Osh, Bishkek, Dushanbeand Khujand). The Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA) did not specify the
reason for refusal.

“Potentially, the status of a regional airport allows airlines to bypass
the intergovernmental agreement, which fixes the exact number of flights for a
specific airline on the route from Moscow.
This airport can attract new air carriers”, said Andrey Kramarenko, expert of
the Aviation Higher School of Economics. According to him, Moscow is the final destination for passengers
of Central Asian airlines. Remoteness of the Zhukovsky airport from Moscow, as well as its
lack of accessibility should not scare away customers of these airlines when
choosing the airport, he said.

Experts called undeveloped infrastructure around the airport to be the
main factor limiting the development of the airport in Zhukovsky, in addition
to the general excess of terminal facilities in Moscow,
as it is inferior to the transport accessibility of the other three airports of
the Moscow air
hub. To get to Zhukovsky, passengers must first use the train and go to the Recreation
railway station and thence, go by special buses to the airport. During the
opening ceremony,  Andrei Vorobiev,  Governor of the Moscow Region, promised they
would launch express trains such as “Sputnik” from the Kazan railway station in the autumn of 2016,
which will go more frequently.

If one compares the highways leading to other Moscow airports then the one to Zhukovsky is undeveloped but it is proposed to get to Zhukovsky
from Moscow. In
many areas, the Novoryazanskoe highway is under renovation now and both Bykovsky
and Zhukovskoe two-lane highways are not the best quality, and they have only a
few pointers to the airport.

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