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ICAO proposes to limit transport of smart phones on airplanes


The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) urged airlines to
establish specific rules on the transport of electronic devices with lithium
batteries. These batteries produced today operates most of smartphones, tablets
and laptops.

ICAO recommends to update the rules for transport of such devices, as
they are contained in the electronic bulletin “Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers
and Crew. Portable Electronic Devices”. By the way, this document  is posted on the Federal Air Transport Agency’s
website (Russia).

ICAO drew attention to the fact that some states and organizations
issued bulletins on safety, which recommended airlines to require passengers to
carry certain models of portable electronic devices are not in the luggage and
in the cabin, not to use them during the flight and not to charge them inside the
aircraft cabin.

Restrictions on transportation relates to a new smartphone Samsung
Galaxy Note 7. Two weeks after the start of sales, on September 2, 2016, the
Samsung has started a review of the models of smartphones, as revealed defects
in the battery, leading to ignition and explosion of the phone while charging.

Many airlines around the world have imposed restrictions on the carriage
of this phone. Since the factors that triggers an explosion of the lithium
battery, often a change in temperature and pressure, the probability of an
incident with a smartphone in flight on a plane higher than on the ground. A
fire on board can lead to disaster.

But ICAO went ahead and invited states to recommend to their airlines to
introduce special rules for transport of all potentially harmful electronic
devices. These include all the devices with lithium batteries. Since the
problem with this type of battery is not there the first time and not only at
Samsung. These batteries can ignite and explode, without serious provocation.
Through the fault of battery ignition have been several accidents involving
loss of life in recent years.

The most likely restrictions will affect the ban on the carriage of
electronic devices with lithium batteries in checked baggage, as a fire in the
cargo area difficult to notice and fix the time, their use on board aircraft
and exercises during the flight.

At the same time, ICAO does not require the introduction of new rules,
but merely recommends. That is, the airlines have the choice to enter the
transport restrictions for all electronic devices with lithium batteries, or
for some of the most dangerous models. Airlines can even ignore the ICAO
recommendation, but the probability is not high. Most often, when it comes to
safety and risk of loss of aircraft, air carriers shall take every precaution.

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Airbus may merge with its department involved in aircraft construction

The U.S.-based Airbus Group may merge with Airbus SAS, its main aircraft
construction department, as part of the company’s restructuring plan, Reuters writes
citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to the plans on restructuring, the Airbus’ corporate structure
will be greatly simplified, and its position in the aerospace industry will rise,
according to Reuters.

The Airbus Group Spokesperson declined to comment for this news agency.

The Airbus Group is a leader in aerospace, defense and related sectors,
brings together the three key divisions, namely Airbus, Airbus Defence and
Space and Airbus Helicopters. The concern was founded in 2000 by merging Germany’s
Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG, French Aerospatiale-Matra and Spanish CASA and,
before January 2014, it was called up as EADS. The company is headquartered in Toulouse, France.

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Qatar Airways may buy 30 Boeing wide-body aircraft for US $ 6.7 billion

Co. is nearing an agreement with Qatar’s
flagship airline for a multibillion-dollar commercial jet order, following U.S. 
approval of a long-stalled sale of F-15 fighter jets to
the Persian Gulf nation.

Airways is in late-stage talks to acquire at least 30 Boeing wide-body
jets and would take 787 Dreamliner and 777 models, said the people, who asked
not to be identified because the talks are private. The order would be valued
at upwards of $6.7 billion at catalog prices, although airlines typically
negotiate discounts.

Al Baker, chief executive officer of government-owned Qatar Airways, told
reporters in late August that the carrier was poised to make a “large” aircraft
purchase, adding to its backlog of orders for Boeing and Airbus Group SE
planes. The U.S. approved
fighter-jet sales to Persian Gulf allies including Qatar, Bloomberg News reported

Qatar Airways was founded in 1997 and is based in Doha, Qatar.
The air carrier operates its flights to more than 150 destinations. The Air Company
employs over 40,000 people.

The Boeing Company produces a wide range of civil and military aircraft,
is developing a space program. The structure of Boeing Co. includes two major
units, namely Boeing Commercial Airplanes, engaged in the construction of
civilian aircraft, and Integrated Defense Systems, which performs space and
military programs. The company’s plants are located in 70 countries, and their products
are delivered in 145 countries. The total staff involved is about 159,000

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Prices for airline tickets increased by 40 percent in Kazakhstan in 2016

In Kazakhstan,
prices of flights grew by 40 percent, reports citing the Main Transport
Prosecutor’s Office.

to Almas Amanov, Head of the Department for Supervision over the Legality in
the Socio-Economic Sector under the Main Transport Prosecutor’s Office, airfares
have been risen by up to 77 percent on some air routes.

regards air transport, not everything went smoothly. The discontent among the
citizens is caused by a significant rise in the cost of air tickets,
non-payment for unused air services, flight delays and loss of luggage. In the
current year the price of airline tickets rose by 40 percent in average, and on
some air routes, this increase is up to 77 percent. Currently, the reasons for
such price formation are being investigated by the antimonopoly authority. The
results of their investigation will show how air carriers’ actions were justified”,
the speaker said.

 “Initially it was assumed that airlines will
comply with the requirements for the refund for unused tickets, because their
local acts were brought in conformity with the law to protect consumer’s rights.
However, it was just a screen. For example, to date, Zhetysu Airlines holds 50
percent of the air tickets’ cost, handed over in less than an hour before the
flight departure. Bek Air, when returning air tickets to them, holds the fees
for the return operation, fees for the website and the Air Company in addition
to the stipulated 30 per cent. On this issue, complaints were also received in
relation to other airlines”, Mr. Amanov added.

according to the Main Transport Prosecutor’s Office, more than 9,000 flight delays
have been recorded for 2015-2016.

complaints were related to the loss and damage of luggage. In 2016 alone, 800
cases of non-arrival of the airlines baggage have been recorded. Of these, in 24
cases, such baggage was not found at all. Flight delays questions are still
actual. During 2015-2016, the number of flight delays has exceeded 9,000. One
of the reasons for the long delays is the lack of well-established procedure
for backup aircraft and their use. The law has requirements for back-up of
planes. However, airlines usually try to maximize usage of their air fleet for transportation
purposes. Nowadays, these sounded problems cause public discontent, and, in the
future, on the eve of the EXPO, this fact may adversely affect the image of our
country”, the Head of the Department for Supervision over the Legality in the Socio-Economic
Sector under the Main Transport Prosecutor’s Office said.

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Notice from the Manas International Airport on arrival at the airport well in advance

The Manas International Airport, BishkekKyrgyzstan, kindly asks all its
passengers to leave early enough to arrive in Manas International Airport well in advance
to avoid delays in check-in procedures and flight departures.

According to official information, during the period from September 28th through October 4, 2016 the eastern strip of the Bishkek – Manas International Airport motor road will
be closed for traffic. All traffic for all types of vehicles in both directions
will be organized on the western side of this road.

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Environmentally friendly unmanned helicopter created in Russia

A Tiber
Company has completed test flights for its environmentally friendly unmanned
helicopter,  RIA Novosti, Russia,
reported with reference to the Press Service of the said enterprise.

“The Tiber
Company has completed its test flights with unmanned TB-20E helicopter having automatic
takeoff and landing, as it is equipped with electric propulsion. This electric
helicopter was designed to perform civilian and dual-use missions”, one said in
a statement.

unmanned helicopter with an electric engine is capable to climb to an altitude of6,000 meters,
the flight time is two hours at a speed of 90 km/h.

flight of this aircraft can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance. TB-20E
is able to operate at a distance of 50 kilometers to
transmit video in real time.

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Azerbaijan’s air companies may resume flights from Baku to Dushanbe

delegation has proposed the Azerbaijan’s
side to consider the possibility of operation of flights between Dushanbe and Baku by Azerbaijan’s
air carriers.

issue was discussed in Baku on September 28 at a
meeting of Tajik parliamentary delegation, led by Majlisi Namoyandagon (Tajikistan’s
lower chamber of parliament) Speaker Shukurjon Zuhurov, according to
Muhammadato Sultonov a spokesman for the Majlisi Namoyandagon.

reportedly noted that Tajik national air carrier, resumed once-weekly service
between Dushanbe and Baku on the basis of the
government-to-government agreement signed in March 2013 but flights were
suspended due to financial losses.

parliamentary speaker proposed to study the issue of operation of flights
between Dushanbe and Bakuby Azerbaijan’s
air carriers.

Aliyev promised to study the issue within the next few days, Sultonov

that Tajik President Emomali Rahmon raised the issue of resumption of flights
between Dushanbe and Baku at a meeting with his Azerbaijani
counterpart Ilham Aliyev that took place here last autumn.

Tajik national air carrier, Tajik Air, has resumed flights from Tajik northern
city of Khujand to St.
The first flight on this air route will operated on October 9.  Flights on
this air route will be carried out once a week, on Sundays, on the Boeing
757-200 airliner.

Tajik Air operates its regular flights from Dushanbeto the following cities in Russia:Moscow, Saint Petersburg,
Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Surgut;
also, it flies to Kyrgyzstan(Bishkek), Kazakhstan(Almaty), Iran (Tehran), China(Beijing, Urumqi),
and India (New Delhi).

the Khujand International Airport, regular flights are operated
to Moscow, Novosibirsk,
Yekaterinburg and Surgut.

regards domestic destinations, the Air Company flies from the capital city of Dushanbe to Khujand and

the Tajik Air’s air fleet has 37 aircraft, 12 of which are operated on flights
including two Boeing 757-200s, two Boeing 737-400s, one Boeing 737-300, one
MA-60, two AN-28s, one AN-26 and three Mi-8 MTV helicopters.  The
remaining 25 aircraft, mainly of the USSR production, are on long-term

Air Company management is currently considering potential upgrade of its air
fleet with aircraft of modern Western technology.

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Russian low-cost Victory Airlines launches air ticket sales for flights to Baku and Tbilisi – UPDATED

The Russian low-cost Victory Airlines owned by Aeroflot at 100% opened its
air ticket sales for flights to Azerbaijanand Georgia,
the Air Company’s website reported on Thursday.

Flights to Baku and Tbilisiwill take place from Rostov-on-Don,
. Since October
30, 2016  flights to Baku will be launched, which will be operated
four times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The Victory’s aircraft
will begin flying to Tbilisisince November 1, 2015 with a frequency of three times a week, on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.

“For the first flights, the Air Company will offer at least 50% of the air
tickets for RUR 999 per ticket, including all taxes and fees for each of the destinations.
By the end of the winter air navigation schedule, at least 30% of the tickets for
the new air routes will be offered for the minimum rate”, the Air Company said.

According to the Airline’s website, the cost of a ticket from Moscow with change in Rostov-on-Don to fly then to Tbilisi and Bakucomes to RUR 2,900+ at the beginning of November (one way flights), while the flight
change time is one hour 20 minutes for both destinations.

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Japan’s new passenger plane completes U.S. flight

Japan’s problem-plagued new passenger jet
on Thursday completed a flight to the United States for testing, its
maker said, after aborting two earlier attempts. The Mitsubishi Regional Jet
(MRJ) touched down at Grant County international airport in Washingtonstate after flying from Anchorage.

first domestically made passenger jet, which left Nagoyaairport on Monday, also stopped in Japan’s
northernmost Hokkaido, Russia and Alaska for fuelling.

plane’s maker Mitsubishi Heavy said it would carry out multiple flight tests in
the USto get a certificate necessary for starting commercial flights in 2018.

added that about 2,500 flying hours would be needed to land the registration. It
is planning three more “ferry” flights to the US, where it said it could
accelerate its testing schedule.

month, the jet turned back twice due to air conditioning problems detected
after takeoff.

development of the MRJ, Japan’s
first domestically produced passenger jet for over half a century, has suffered
a series of delays.

December Mitsubishi Heavy said it was postponing delivery of the planes by one
year to the second quarter of 2018 for system software upgrades and other
design changes.

aircraft was presented in October 2015. Its range ability ranges 1.8 – 3.7
thousand kilometers.

MRJ is
available in several versions. The first version of the MRJ 70 has a capacity
of 78 seats. The second option of MRJ 90 with an elongated fuselage is designed
for 92 passengers. The company did not rule out that the modification of the
capacity of about 100 seats, you may receive in the future.

twin-engine MRJ marks a new chapter in the country’s aviation sector,
which last built a commercial airliner in 1962 — the YS-11 turboprop that was
discontinued about a decade later.

being barred from developing aircraft following World War
, Japan — and
its MRJ jet — is competing with other regional passenger jet manufacturers such
as Brazil’s Embraer and Canada’s

Heavy unveiled the jet — which is about 35 meters (115-feet) long
and seats about 80 passengers — in October last year and has received 477

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Russian low-cost airline begins flying to Azerbaijan

A Victory
Airlines, a low-cost company from Russia that is included in the Aeroflot Group,
opened air ticket sales for new international flights, namely to Baku, Azerbaijan,
and Tbilisi, Georgia, according to RIA Novosti, Russia.

to the Press Service of this Air Company, by the end of the winter air
navigation schedule, the Air Company will offer at least 30% of its air tickets for new flights with a minimum rate of
RUR 999 including all taxes and fees.

One noted
that the Victory’s planes will fly from the airportof Rostov-on-Don to Bakusince October 30th with a frequency of four times a week and to Tbilisi since November 1,
2016 with a frequency of three times a week.

In the
autumn, the Air Company is planning to double the program of flights from St. Petersburg by adding flights to Astrakhan,Volgograd, Vladikavkaz and Nalchik. In addition, it will launch flights
from Yekaterinburg to Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk.

The Victory
Airlines is part of the Aeroflot Group and operates Boeing 737-800 aircraft, as
the Air Company’s fleet includes 12 aircraft with their average age of about a

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