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Top-10 most expensive airports for private aviation in the world

Ordinary travelers have no idea about this, but for the rare lucky,
traveling around the world on private planes, landing fees play a really
important role. Sometimes the most expensive airports are completely
unpredictable! Let’s see what are the transportation hubs popular among the “rich
and famous”. Compare the world’s airports from Salzburgin Austria to Darwin in Australia.

Traveling in private jets has recently become a real trend. In the U.S. in 2013
(latest statistics), 2.5 million private flights were recorded. In Europe – 705,000. This is a huge, growing market, working
on the “rich and famous”. Approximate total turnover of this business
segment in Europe is $ 16 trillion, and in America – 17. Most downloaded
private hops days – this, of course, major sporting events. Maximum landing
fees would have to pay for those who decide to arrive at the Super Bowl in the United States or the Grand Prix in Monaco. Airline
«Private Fly», specializing in private airlines, estimates the flight from New York to Glendaleon the Super Bowl in US $ 38,000 for a medium-sized aircraft, and US $ 54,000
for long-haul aircraft. This is the cost of flying in both directions. Journey
to the Grand Prix in Monaco,
oddly enough, more accessible. You will pay US $13,253 for a flight from London to Cannes and US $
13,343 – from Londonto Nice. The Private Fly Company states that one of the most popular
destinations in the U.S. is
a short flight between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Boarding fee
for this trip is US $4,340. In Europe, the greatest demand is for a flight fromMilan to Rome.
This trip takes only 50 minutes and will cost US $5,880 (one way). You will agree
these are quite impressive figures. However, for a flight to one of the 10
airports from our list you will have to pay even more.

The Richest Portal compiled a list of the world’s airports, the hardest
hitters can afford the owners of private aircraft. The list shows the landing
fees for Boeing 767-400. The aircraft seats up to 50 people and is often used
as a personal vehicle. Surprisingly, the three leading positions in the list
are Japan’s
airports. At the top of the charts Haneda Airport, better known as Tokyo International Airport. With each
aircraft landing there, collect tribute in the amount of US $ 6,850. And that’s
just for permission to land! The airport receives almost 69 million. Passengers
per year, still retains the incredible level of punctuality. This also caused
by such high rates. On the second line – Tokyo Narita International Airport.
There you will be asked to shell out US $5,600 for a touchdown. And, in ranked
third, Japan Kansai International Airport – US $5,400,
respectively. Somehow, miraculously, out of all airports in the U.K. list, there was only Bristol Airport.
To land in Bristol,
you need to say ‘goodbye’ to your US $4,400. Bristolis slightly behind Toronto and the Canadian
Australian city of Darwin.
The only American representative in the list – La Guardia in New York. This airport will ask the owners
of private jets to pay US $ 3,950 for the opportunity to land in the “Big Apple”.
A couple of unexpected guests in the list – The Irish city of Dublin Airport on
the eighth line, and Salzburg, Austria on the 10th.

  • Haneda International AirportTokyo, Japan,
    US $6,850.
  • Narita International AirportTokyo, Japan,
    US $5,600.
  • Kansai International AirportOsaka, Japan,
    US $5,400.
  • Pearson International AirportToronto, Canada,
    US $5,200.
  • Darwin International AirportDarwin, Australia,
    US $4,600.
  • Bristol International AirportBristol, England,
    US $4,400.
  • Chubu International AirportNagoya, Japan,
    US $4,300.
  • Dublin AirportDublin, Ireland, US $4,100.
  • La Guardia International AirportNew
    , United States
    US $3,950.
  • Mozart AirportSalzburg, Austria, US $3,800.


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Pilot of the plane crashed in Colombia demanded landing due to fuel shortage


the crash the pilot crashed in Colombiaflight LMI2933 Miguel Quiroga in a raised voice demanded from the managers of
the landing from lack of fuel. About it reports the edition “

to sources of the newspaper El Tiempo, the time of the fall Board was made for
the third round expectations are close to the airport, since priority boarding
was assigned to another flight out of bogotá, previously reported problems with
the devices.

the shortage of fuel was also told by the surviving flight attendant Ximena
Suarez. At the same time in the official preliminary report about the crash
Colombian authorities said that the pilot reported to dispatchers just about
problems with the electronics.

established the number of victims of the disaster. According to rescuers, on
Board were 68 passengers and not 72, as previously reported. Four people missed
the flight. Of the 77 passengers and crew members survived the catastrophe of
the seven, one survivor later died in hospital.

As you
know, the plane, on Board of which were the players of the Brazilian club
“Epicoene”, crashed in Colombia on Tuesday, 29 November. The
players were flying on the first leg of the South American Cup.

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President of Almaty International Airport to VIP-passengers: I am looking up to you, beware

Bekmukhambetov, President of the Almaty International Airport,
answered readers’ questions live on the page belonged to a businessman Beibit
Alibekov, according to He was asked various, sometimes even
uncomfortable questions, but the President of the airport tried to openly answer

Бейбит Алибеков, Айбол Бекмухамбетов (слева направо)

of all, the readers were interested in opening another airport, as well as
construction of a new terminal building. According to Mr. Bekmukhambetov, it
will be throwing money down the drain, and therefore he called this question to
be opened one. As for parking, the speaker pointed out that in the near future one
will open an available parking lot. The President also told on equipping the
airport in technical terms. According to him, there is everything to control
the situation. There are many cameras, including the ones in the VIP room, he
said. “Just go in, video cameras are everywhere. I’m even here, from my office
can see what is happening at the airport and in the VIP-hall, too. I see how
someone behaves in the VIP-hall, whether any hooligans or drunk persons there,
beware, I see everything”, he said.

most sensitive issue included the situation with the anti-terrorist security in
the building. Especially taking into account the fact that Kazakhstan has the
yellow level of terrorist threat extended to January 15, 2017. He noted that
the airport is not protected from terrorists, as there staff member of the
airport stand at the first-line screening, i.e. the entrance, rather than law
enforcement. “If a man enters with a weapon, (s)he will shoot everyone there. Our
young ladies are sitting there  and what can
they do, how to resist?! After the events in Brusselsand Istanbul,
we have all seen (….) So, the first inspection line should be held by the armed
power structures”, he says.

Albert Zhazybaev, Manager of the Airport’s Legal Support Service, told that he has already written a letter to the Kazakhstan’s Deputy
Prime Minister to consider this issue. According to him, on December 2, 2016
the Kazakh Parliament should address this issue. “Aviation safety and
anti-terrorist security are different things”, he says. “Not only the passengers
but also ordinary visitors enter the airport building and suddenly, an armed
criminal, crazy man or terrorist might be among them. Therefore, this issue is
very topical. It is necessary that special structures would be involved in
controlling all  airports in Kazakhstan, as
regards passing the first line inspection. The Interior Ministry said that one needs
billions of KZT for this. I do not know, as they have to count everything, let
them find all the money. Security of people should be provided first of all”, he

the meeting with the businessman Alibekov, Mr. Bekmukhambetov also demonstrated
non-contact scanners in the relegation zone, with the help of which you can without
undressing a passenger to see prohibited items or currency, intended for the
declaration on his/her body. By the way, the airport has trained dogs that can find
drugs and even well hidden money in luggage.

Mr. Alibekov
also inquired about pricing in the local cafes. As previously discussed, cafes
and restaurants, except for a few ones, are privately owned at the Almaty
airport. Therefore, the airport can not affect their pricing policy. But on the
first floor, Mr. Bekmukhambetov said, there is a restaurant with affordable
prices and he invited the passengers to go there. In addition, as one promised
last year, the terminals have installed vending machines where you can purchase
drinks and chocolate at reasonable prices. As a proof,  one has bought a bottle of water for KZT 160 live,
when the same water is by 10 times more expensive in local cafes. During the
open air, audience offered to open a special restaurant at the airport to eat Lagman
there and Mr. Bekmukhambetov promised to consider this proposal.

Users were
interested in the clean toilets, the presence of the mother and baby’s rooms. On
these questions, the President of the airport said that there are 43 toilet cabins
in the building, they are all for free. The rooms for mothers and small children
are available, but they are modestly decorated than in European airports.
According to Mr. Bekmukhambetov, the main task is to change the diapers, or
feed the baby, whereas there are no any toys and other fun things in these
rooms, of course. He urged visitors not to litter and clean up after themselves
in the latrines.

main good news was the renewal of the runway. “It will be launched by the end
of the next year. You know, we have two runways, one of them is 18 years old,
the other one is eight years old. You feel the bumps when the plane goes down,
it’s like a washing machine in the Soviet period. There will be reconstruction,
we would like to eliminate all of this. Everything will be done by tender, for
a while, it has not taken place, as only one company participated in the tender,
but in the near future we will hold a tender once again. The runway costs US $32
million, it is certainly an investment”, the speaker said.

We note
herein the Almaty residents often criticize their airport. In social networks, they
write about high prices, the small area of
​​terminals and unsmiling state border
guards. In connection with these discussions, Mr. Alibekov decided to hold a
full-time meeting with all stakeholders.

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Ashgabat – Kazan flight to be launched

On December 19, 2016 Turkmenistan Airlines is going to launch its
regular international flight en route Ashgabat, TurkmenistanKazan,Tatarstan, Russia, according to Kommersant.

The Ashgabat – Kazanflights will be operated twice a week, on Sundays with departure from Ashgabat at
09:30 pm and on Wednesdays with departures at 08:00 pm.

The Kazan – Ashgabat segment of this
flight will be operated on Mondays with departures from Kazan at 00:50 am and on Wednesdays with
departures at 11:20 pm. Time is local for all airports.

Flights will be operated by Boeing 737-800.

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Yamal Airlines to start flight operations to Uzbekistan

Авиакомпания «Ямал» начнет полеты в Узбекистан

Yamal Airlines, Russia,
will start operating its regular flights to Uzbekistan, TASS reported with
reference to Vassily Kruik, Director General, Yamal Airlines.

He noted the Airline will operate its flights from the airport in Zhukovsky
near Moscow, Russia,
to Uzbekistan.
However, he did not specify, which exactly city the Air Company’s aircraft will
fly to.

“We are expanding our air route network, developing new destinations and
in December 2016, our planes will take off from the new airfield located in the
Moscow Region’s Zhukovsky”, Mr. Kruik said.

“We will begin flight operations from Zhukovsky to neighbouring
countries including Uzbekistan,Tajikistan and Kazakhstan”, he

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Air Astana was recommended to reduce airfare prices

The Committee for Natural Monopolies Regulation and Competition Protection
held a meeting of the conciliation committee, which summed up the results of investigation
in respect of the Air Astana JSC, according to the Press-Service of this

In addition to the employees of this antimonopoly body, the conciliation
committee also includes representatives of the National Chamber of
Entrepreneurs, Civil Aviation Committee, Competition and Commodity Markets Development
Association and the Competition Policy Development and Protection Center.

The members of the conciliation committee voiced their recommendations
for the antimonopoly body, in particular, to carry out an analysis of the air
transport market in 2017, as regards regular domestic flights.

In view of complaints from consumers, Air Astana was encouraged to
optimize prices for domestic flights by reducing the upper limit of prices and conduct
an explanatory work among consumers, as regards the mechanism of the pricing for
air services provided. These recommendations mean that in the future, the pricing
policy will be more transparent one, and the air company’s customers will know
and understand, how a tariff for their air ticket is formed, and the load on pricing
should be uniform, thereby reducing the cost of the majority of air tickets”, one
said in a statement.

In addition, Air Astana should submit its internal methods for air
ticket pricing to this Committee.

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AZAL plans to carry up to two million passengers in 2016

Картинки по запросу AZAL planes photos

the end of 2016,  Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC
(AZAL) plans to carry up to two million passengers, the Vice-President of AZAL
Eldar Hajiyev said at a press conference in Moscow, Russia,
on Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

2014, we carried 1.7 million passengers, in 2015, the figure was 1.8 million. This
year, we have already transported 1.9 million passengers”, he said.

to Mr. Hajiyev, at present, the AZAL’s air fleet consists of 23 aircraft, and
in the next four years, their number will be increased by 12.

the same time, we plan to write off three aircraft during this period and thus,
in four years, the AZAL’s air fleet will comprise 32 aircraft”, the vice-president
of this air company said at the press conference.

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AZAL may launch new flights to Russia until 2021

Airlines CJSC (AZAL) plans to establish air service with the Russia’s Volgogradand Astrakhan cities, as well as with the cities
of Russia’s Far East, according to AZAL Vice President Eldar Hajiyev.

made the remarks addressing a press conference in Moscow Nov. 29.

Mr. Hajiyev
said these plans are reflected in the company’s program that covers the period
of up to 2021.

As of
now, AZAL is not planning to launch new flights in 2017, according to Mr. Hajiyev.

On the
other hand, the situation may change – due to the sharp increase in the number
of tourists coming to Azerbaijanfrom the Gulf countries, Azerbaijan Airlines almost doubled the number of
flights from this region to meet the demand, according to AZAL vice president.

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AZALJET increases number of regular flights to Moscow

Airlines (AZAL) increases the number of regular flights from Bakuto Moscow, to Vnukovo Airport.
Henceforth, flights from Heydar Aliyev International Airport to Vnukovo Airportwill be carried out twice a day from March 2017.

Vice President Eldar Hajiyev and Director General of Vnukovo Airport Vasily
Alexandrov signed the corresponding agreement in Moscow on November 29.

from Heydar Aliyev International Airportat 08:00 in the morning and at 16:30, arrival in Moscow – at 10:10 and 18:40 local time. Departure
from Vnukovo Airport – at 11:10 and 19:40 local time, arrival in Baku – at
15:00 and 23:30 local time.

to Moscow are
operated under AZALJET lowcost brand with comfortable Airbus A319 aircrafts.

present, Azerbaijan Airlines  carries out regular flights to four Russian
cities: in addition to Vnukovo, AZALJET carries out flights to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo), Kazan and
Mineralnye Vody. Also a regular flight is carried out from Ganja to Saint Petersburg.

can be booked on the website of the company and purchased at AZAL
sales offices and official agencies. As part of the flight, one can take
advantage of AZAL Miles frequent-flyer program.

information about AZAL Miles frequent-flyer program is available at:

who are not a member of the program yet, can register on the following link:

purchase tickets and for more information, please contact:

 (+99412) 598-88-80; *8880, E-mail:

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Dushanbe, Tashkent to discuss resumption of air service


resumption of air communication between DushanbeTajikistan, and Tashkent, Uzbekistan,
will be discussed at a meeting for transport ministers of the two countries at
the end of November – beginning of December in the Tajik capital city.

source from specialized agencies of Tajikistaninformed the Avesta News Agency, Tajikistan,
the Uzbek delegation from the Ministry of Transport that also includes
representatives of Uzbekistan Airways will get acquainted with the activities
of the Dushanbe International Airport,
as regards its readiness to take different types of aircraft.

to this source, the aeronautical authorities and transport ministers will also
discuss the cost-effectiveness and the numbers of possible future flights, air routes,
as this means that one does not rule out the possibility of mutual flights from
other cities of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

source did not rule out that, as a result of this visit, the parties will sign
an agreement to resume air traffic.

one reported that Tashkent did not exclude the
possibility to resume air links with Dushanbein the first half of 2017, and perhaps earlier.

Tyan, CEO, Uzbekistan Airways, said that Uzbekistanwas ready to resume air communication with Tajikistan in the first half of

to Mr. Tyan,
​​Tashkent has all the prerequisites for the resumption of air links with Dushanbe and the Tajik destination
is planned to be scheduled during the summer air navigation season, which
begins at the end of March 2017.

the Tajik side also expressed its readiness to resume flights between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, stating that an
agreement was being developed.

remind herein, in mid-November, a Tajik delegation, which included
representatives of various departments, including the transport department, visited Tashkent.

should note that air services between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were
terminated in 1992 with the beginning of the civil war in Tajikistan.

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