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Azerbaijani State Civil Aviation Administration works towards launching new international flights

10th anniversary of the State Civil Aviation Administration  of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The State Civil Aviation Administration will work hard for launching new
international flights, according to the report issued by the State Civil
Aviation Administration.

According to the Decree #512 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan,
dated December 29, 2006 there was established the State Civil Aviation
Administration (SCAA) – the authority on implementation of the state policy in
the field of civil aviation.

Due to constant attention of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
over the last 10 years there had been established an oversight system and
developed main documents regulating civil aviation activity in the Republic of
Azerbaijan, as well as ensuring safety, security, air navigation.

For a relatively short period of time, the SCAA has made a significant
contribution to develop the civil aviation sector in Azerbaijan. Negotiations were held
with dozens of international organizations and government agencies, which
helped to reach agreements for launching new passenger and freight air routes. From
2006 till 2016 SCAA specialists had drafted texts of the Air Services
Agreements with 14 countries for signing and afterwards they were signed by the
Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and 20
aviation administrations agreed upon the texts of such Agreements.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Azerbaijan will continue its
efforts for the development of the civil aviation sector by attracting new air carriers
and launching new international flights from Azerbaijan.

On this occasion, the State Civil Aviation Administration on its own
behalf congratulates the Azerbaijani people with the Solidarity Day and the
coming New Year.

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Manas International Airport, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, serves its three millionth passenger

On the
New Year’s Eve, on December 29, 2016 the Manas International Airport Open Joint
Stock Company has served its three millionth passenger.

Kenjebayeva, a resident of Kyrgyzstan,
became the lucky passenger, as she was departing by a flight en route Bishkek, KyrgyzstanIstanbul, Turkey. This three millionth
passenger was congratulated by representatives of the airport with Happy New
Year and she was presented some gifts.

a spokesperson of Turkish Airlines gave her a free business class air ticket for
the Bishkek –Istanbul– Bishkek roundtrip flight. A Pack & Fly Company presented her a certificate
on 10 single packing of her luggage. The VIP-hall gave a certificate for a free
service in the amenities room.

Mrs. Kenjebayeva
shared her impressions. “I am very surprised and happy that it happened to me
it was just on the New Year’s Eve. I want to express my gratitude and to wish
you all to have a clear sky, so that planes always fly smoothly and everything
is good at airports”, she said.

Medina is a mother of two children. “I
often fly abroad and is now I am flying to Baku,Azerbaijan, through Istanbul. I will be there
to work, and my children are with my husband”, she added.

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Almaty International Airport delays over 20 flights – summary for December 29, 2016

Due to the late arrival and/or weather conditions, the Almaty International Airport. Kazakhstan, delayed 21 flights, according to Kazinform
News Agency, Kazakhstan.

The airport informed that as of 09:00 am local time, the following
flights have been delayed on December 29th:

1)     SU1947
Almaty – Moscow.
Late arrival of the aircraft. Aeroflot

2)     KC971
Almaty – Shymkent. The failure of a checked-in passenger. Air Astana

3)     KS131
Almaty – Dushanbe.
Weather conditions in Dushanbe(fog). Air Astana

4)     IQ377
Almaty – Shymkent. Late arrival of the crew. Qazaq Air

5)     DV713
Almaty – Astana. Late arrival of the aircraft. SCAT Airlines

6)     KS127
Almaty – Tashkent.
Weather conditions in Tashkent(fog). Air Astana

7)     PS538
Almaty – Kiev.
Late arrival of the aircraft. UkraineInternational Airlines

8)     KS621
Almaty – Astana – Frankfurt. Air Company’s
fault. Air Astana

9)     DV5078
Almaty – Goa. Late arrival of the aircraft. SCAT

10) SZ216
Almaty – Dushanbe.
Late arrival of the aircraft. Somon Air

11) DV733
Almaty – Astana. Late arrival of the aircraft. SCAT Airlines

12) G9
254 Almaty – Sharjah. Late arrival of the aircraft. Air Arabia

13) FZ736
Almaty – Dubai.
Late arrival of the aircraft. Fly Dubai

14) KS911
Almaty – Istanbul.
Late arrival of the aircraft. Air Astana

15) KS311
Almaty – Karaganda.
Scheduled maintenance (late delivery of the plane). Air Astana

16) Z9
2025 Almaty – Aktau. Late arrival of the aircraft. Bek Air

17) KS859
Almaty – Aktau. Late arrival of the aircraft. Air Astana

18) Z9
2115 Almaty – Atyrau. Late arrival of the aircraft. Bek Air

19) KS909
Almaty – Seoul.
The lack of scheduled backup aircraft. Air Astana

20) KS931
Almaty – Bangkok.
Medical aid to a passenger. Air Astana

21) ZXA521
Almaty – Balkhash. Flight has been moved to December 29, 2016 due to weather
conditions at the destination airport. Zhetysu

One has cancelled flight #LH 646/647 en route Frankfurt – Astana –
Almaty – Frankfurt (due to holidays).

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Tajikistan is ready to sue with Yamal Airlines

aviation authorities are prepared to sue with  Yamal Airlines, Russia, and do not rule out a
similar suit against the Russian side from Tajikistan’s Somon Air, Sherali
Gandzhalzoda, Minister of Transport of Tajikistan, reported to RIA Novosti,

December 22, 2016 the Ministry of Transport of Russiareported that, as a result of the talks held in Moscow,Tajikistan does not allow Yamal
Airlines to fly into the country from the Moscow’sZhukovsky International Airport.
In response, on December 23rd, Moscowsuspended flights for Tajik Somon Air to a number of Russian regions.

on the Yamal Airlines’ statement regarding its intention to apply to the court
for compensation of losses incurred due to cancellation of flights to Tajikistanfrom Zhukovsky, the Minister said, “Tajik aviation authorities are ready to
trial, as the Russian airline’s actions were illegal. The truth is behind us,
we did not break anything, but the Yamal Airlines was illegally selling air tickets
without getting permission for flights from Tajikistan.

to him, the Tajik side is ready to defend the interests of its airlines in
court. “Somon Air, which is due to the sanctions imposed by Russia can not
fly to the Russian regions, why it has suffered serious financial losses, can
apply to the court with the same claim”, Mr. Gandzhalzoda said.

Tajik side justifies its refusal to grant permits for Yamal Airlines with  the lack of parity. The Minister of Transport
of Tajikistan said earlier to RIA Novosti that according to the Intergovernmental
Agreement, all flights must be operated on a parity basis and Dushanbeis satisfied with the number of flights operated from Zhukovsky Airport.
According to him, Tajikistan’s
air carriers are not yet ready to operate the third flight from Zhukovsky.

turn, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation stated that the
references to the lack of parity are incompetent. According to the explanation from
this Ministry, the Tajik side in its negotiations with aviation authorities of
the two countries held on November 7, 2016 took the appointment of Russian air companies
on the Zhukovsky – Dushanbeand Zhukovsky – Khujand air routes, as was recorded in the final protocol. At
the time of these negotiations, the designated air carriers from the Russian
side included Ural Airlines and Yamal Airlines. The first of these air
companies started flight operations in November 2016.

Airlines planned to begin its flights to Dushanbeand Khujand from Zhukovsky since December 20, 2016 and the air company sold air
tickets for the nearest flights. Dushanbeallowed Yamal Airlines to operate a charter flight to Dushanbe to take the passengers who have been
at the airport for more than two days.

of UTair, Ural Airlines and Tajik Air are carried out without any problems and
the passengers can use their services. “We recommend to buy the air tickets of
those airlines which have official permission for flights to fly to your home
without any extra problems”, Sarvar Bakhti, Spokesperson, Tajik Embassy in Russia, said to
RIA Novosti.

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Russian air company intends to seek legal redress from Tajikistan

air company, Yamal Airlines, intends to seek legal redress from Tajikistan. But
the airline has not yet decided on how much damage it has suffered and to who
should compensate it. Tajik aviation authorities are ready for court

are currently assessing losses caused by Tajik civil aviation authorities’
decision to suspend Yamal Airlines’ flights to Tajikistan.  We will seek
legal redress,” Yamal Airlines commercial director, Andrei Dubnov told TASSnews agency in an interview.

Tajik Minister of Transport, Sherali Ganjalzoda, says the Tajik civil aviation
authorities are ready for trial, “because all actions of the Russian airline
are illegal.” 

the Tajik civil aviation authorities has not allowed Yamal Airlines’ flights toTajikistanRussia on December 21
threatened to close its airspace to Tajik airlines if Dushanbe would not agree to admit flights
from Yamal Airlines.

Tajikistan has allowed Yamal Airlines to
operate just one chartered flight from Zhukovsky airport to Dushanbe on December 22 to take out about 100
passengers who were stranded in Zhukovsky airport for two days.

authorities have questioned the legitimacy of the Yamal flights, but agreed to
continue talks on the matter after Russialifted its threat to stop all flights to Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s Ministry of Transport said that
during the November negotiations, Tajikistan agreed only to flights
for Ural Airlines and Tajik Air, and that there was no mention of Yamal

authorities said allowing the Yamal flights would break the parity of Russia and Tajikistanin the number of airlines allowed flying between Moscowand Tajikistan.

operate regular flights to Tajikistan,
Yamal Airlines needs to get official permit from Tajikistan’s civil aviation
authorities.  “Yamal Airlines will not be given the permit within the next
two months,” a source at Tajikistan’s
Ministry of Transport told Asia-Plus on December

statement released by the Tajik civil aviation authorities on December 22, in particular, notes
that “since the Tajik side has not yet appointed the second air carrier on this
route and for the purpose of observing the parity of Tajikistan and Russia in
the number of airlines flying between Tajikistan and Moscow, it appears
impossible to give operating permit to Yamal Airlines for 2016-2017 winter

response to this, Moscowsuspended flights of Tajik privately owned air carrier, Somon Air, to the
Russian regions starting from 00:00 am on December 23.  According to the
Russian Ministry of Transport, it includes flights of the airline to all
Russian cities, except Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Azerbaijan, Israel agree on air communication

of aviation administrations of Azerbaijan and Israel held talks on December 26-27
Tel-Aviv on the proposal of the Israeli side.

parties agreed the draft “Air Services Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Government of State of Israel”, Azerbaijan’s State Civil Aviation
Administration reported on December 28.

delegations further discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation in the field
of air transport and reached agreement on operation of the scheduled passenger
and cargo flights of the designated airlines of both countries.

meeting was attended by representatives of the airlines of both Azerbaijan and Israel.

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Istanbul – Baku flights cancelled today due to bad weather

Due to
adverse weather conditions in Istanbul, Turkey, one has cancelled Istanbul Baku and Baku – Istanbul flights,
scheduled for December 29th, Turkish Airlines said in its statement
released on Thursday.

of the Turkish Airlines’ plane from Istanbul was
scheduled for 04:05 pm local time on December 29th and departure
from Baku to Istanbul was initially scheduled at 08:55 pm Baku time.

Airlines have cancelled 23 international and domestic flights on December 29-31,
2016 due to adverse weather conditions.

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Kazakhstan took delivery of two more Su-30SM fighter jets

Sukhoi Su-30 inflight.jpg

Kazakhstan took delivery of a new batch
of Su-30SM multirole fighter jets, the press service of the Kazakh Defense
Ministry announced on Dec. 27, 2016. These are the 5th and 6thSu-30SM fighter jets delivered to the Kazakh Air Force, after the country
ordered an undisclosed number of aircraft in February 2015.

needs to have deep knowledge and constant self-improvement to operate the jet. In
a year and a half, our pilots have successfully mastered this type of aircraft
and participated in a number of drills. The supply of a new aviation vehicle
will enable us to enhance security of flights and defense potential of
Kazakhstan Armed Forces in whole,” stated Deputy Commander of the Aviation Base
for Educational and Ideological Activity, Lieutenant-Colonel Temirtas Ibrayev.

first batch of four Su-30SM jets was delivered to Kazakhstan in
May 2015 as part of agreements reached earlier between Kazakh and Russian
defense ministries. The aircraft appeared during a parade in Astana
commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory in World War II.

Su-30SM is considered as 4+ gen jet fighter. The new version has been upgraded
based on Russian military requirements for radar, radio communications systems,
friend-or-foe identification system, ejection seats, weapons, and other
aircraft systems. The aircraft is equipped with the Bars-R radar and the
wide-angle HUD.

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Uzbekistan, Tajikistan sign protocol on resumption of air links

Uzbekistan and Tajikistanhave signed a protocol on resumption of air communication at the meeting of
intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation in Dushanbe.

other important agreements have been reached between the countries, reports RIA
Novosti with reference to Ambassador of Uzbekistan Shokasym Shoislamov.

protocols on mutual supplies of products from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan was among other documents signed by sides.

countries vowed to hold the next meeting of intergovernmental commission in
June 2017 in Tashkent.

delegation of Uzbekistan headed by Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Azimov arrived in Dushanbe on December 27. This was the first
visit of intergovernmental commission of Uzbekistan to Tajikistan after election of Shavkat Mirziyoyev as President.

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AZIMUT equips Kazakhstan’s airports with locator beacons


Two of the 20 operating airfields in Kazakhstan, namely Aktau and
Usharal, are equipped with RMP-200 locator beacons made by Azimut JSC, the
leading Russian developer and manufacturer in air traffic management equipment.

The RMP-200 locator beacons allow the aircraft to enter exactly the
airport area, perform
​​pre-landing maneuver and maintain the flight path during the approach to
landing with the required accuracy.

Works on installation of the set of beacons at the international airport of Aktau,
functioning in Kazakhstan since
1983 that occupies the top-third place in Kazakhstan in terms of air traffic,
were carried out in accordance with the investment program of modernization and
technical re-equipment of the airport. Its main goal is to provide quality and uninterrupted
service of aircraft and improving the technical equipment of the airport in
accordance with the requirements of international standards.

The aerodrome in Usharal yet to take civil aircraft in 2017, as until
recently, only military units had used the runway in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan.
Following approval of a new list of joint basing airfields in Kazakhstan providing
joint use of the military airfield in Usharal for civil aviation, work has begun
to construct a terminal building, to reconstruct the runway and install the
necessary radio-technical and meteorological equipment for air traffic control.

 “In accordance with the
contracts, experts of Azimut JSC carried out the necessary construction work at
airfields in
​​Aktau and Usharal, one has mounted four
sets of RMP-200 drive locator radio beacons and conducted commissioning and
coaching of the serving staff. After the ground and flight tests this equipment
has been put into operation”, said Asker Saidov, Director General, Azimut JSC, noting
that more than 200 RMP-200 locator radio beacons are successfully operating at
airports in Russiaand neighboring countries.

In addition, the company’s equipment was installed at other sites of
aviation infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One has mounted
five ARP-95 automatic direction finders at aerodromes located in Balkhash,
Zhetygen, Lugovaya, Taldykorgan and Shymkent. On completion of commissioning,
ground and flight tests, as well as training of the personnel to operate APR the
finders have been out into operation.

Azimut JSC develops,
manufactures commercially, and supplies, on a turnkey basis, civil aviation
enterprises with the facilities of navigation, landing, surveillance, and air
traffic control automation, as well as develops and implements integrated
projects of equipping and re-equipping aerodromes and air traffic control

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