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Tajik Air to fly to Moscow’s Zhukovsky twice a week

Air, the Tajikistan’s flag
air carrier, has received approval for two additional flights to the airport in
Zhukovsky near Moscow, Russia.

Air currently carries seven flights per week to the Moscow’sDomodedovo International  Airport.
Now, the Air Company also received permits to operate two flights per week to Zhukovsky Airport, the Air Company’s Press Service

 “The Russian
is one of the most important trends for
passenger traffic from Tajikistan.
Now, active work is underway for this new destination. We will promptly inform
our passengers through the media about specific numbers and the dates, as
regards Dushanbe– Zhukovsky flights”, Tajik Air said.

to the Air Company’s Press Service in total, Tajik Air flies to six countries
of the world and operates its passenger flights to 12 various destinations.

the airport in Zhukovsky caused a conflict between the aeronautical authorities
of Tajikistan and Russia, which was resolved after the Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor
Shuvalov arrived in Dushanbe.

settling the conflict, the Tajik authorities have agreed that Yamal Airlines, Russia, will fly from Zhukovsky to Tajikistan. This
Russian air company will start flying from there since March 2017.

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Somon Air: air ticket prices for domestic flights to Khujand were not increased

of Somon Air states that the cost of air tickets for domestic flight en route Dushanbe – Khujand remains
unchanged. However, readers of the Asia-Plus News Agency, Tajikistan, reported
that the tickets have risen in price by twice at least.

air tickets for Dushanbe– Khujand flight cost TJS 296+, according to Somon Air.

addition, Somon Air has launched additional flights on the Dushanbe – Khujand air route since last Sunday.
On Sunday, the airline carried out two flights on this air route. In total,
over the next couple of weeks, the airline will carry one to two regular flights
a day en route Dushanbe – Khujand – Dushanbe”, Somon Air informed.

due to the fact that traffic on the Dushanbe – Hudzhand
motor road has been unsafe for the last few days, the number of those wishing
to get to the north of Tajikistanby air has increased significantly. Asia Plus readers reported in their comments
on the website, that the air ticket cost for flights to Khujand has been drastically
increased. Some air ticket sales office sell one way air tickets for this
flight at TJS 1,300. “I myself arrived yesterday and there is an ongoing nightmare
at the airport now”, one of the readers said.

The Somon
Air’s official website sells air tickets for domestic flight to Khujand to be
operated in the next few days at EUR 61 or TJS 516 according to today’s
exchange rate. The same price was named by the Air Company’s sales offices.

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Plane operating Ashgabat – Kazan flights is filled with passengers by 25% only

December 14, 2016 Turkmenistan Airlines started operating its flight en route Ashgabat, Turkmenistan– Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.

737-800 aircraft, which flies twice a week en route Ashgabat – Kazan, depending on its modification, has a
capacity of 160 to 190 passenger seats. But, according to passengers who fly on
this air route, there are 40 to 50 passengers only in the passenger cabin.

air ticket price for residents of Turkmenistan comes to 970 Manat (US
$ 280 at the official exchange rate) for this flight.

flights are operated from Ashgabat twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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Air Astana explains its plane’s emergency landing in Russia’s Moscow

Astana, the flag air carrier of Kazakhstan,
commented on the situation with the forced landing of its aircraft flying en
route Frankfurt, GermanyAstana, Kazakhstan,
at the Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport, according to

Abdrahimov, Manager of Corporate Communications, Air Astana, told the plane landed
because of the poor state of health of the passenger on board. “On January 29,
2017 during the flight #KS 922 en route Frankfurt– Astana  one passenger became ill on
board and he had complained of chest pains. The crew contacted the Medlink Company
that provides consulting services to airlines to provide first medical aid. On
doctor’s advice the crew gave relevant drugs to this passenger. Despite the
measures taken, the passenger’s symptoms have not stopped, and after
consultation with the doctor, the aircraft commander decided to land the plane
at the nearest airport – Domodedovo”, he said.

Mr. Abdrahimov
added that upon plane’s landing, a medical team of the airport examined the
passenger and gave him medicines. After that the passenger was allowed to
continue flying. “When flying from Moscowto Astana, this passenger was accompanied by a flight attendant. All passengers were safely delivered to Astana on January
30, 2017”,
the Manager concluded.

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Almaty International Airport delays 27 flights – summary for January 31, 2017

The Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan, has delayed 27 flights, reported with reference to the Airport’s Press Service.

  1. KS895 Almaty – Dubai (weather conditions in Almaty) Air
  2. KS907 Almaty – Delhi (weather conditions in Almaty) Air
  3. KS975 Almaty – Kyzylorda (weather
    conditions in Almaty) Air Astana;
  4. KS851 Almaty – Astana (weather conditions in
    Almaty) Air Astana;
  5. KS857 Almaty – Aktau (aircraft replacement
    not for technical reasons) Air Astana;
  6. IQ353 Almaty – Astana (weather conditions
    in Almaty) Qazaq Air;
  7. IQ377 Almaty – Shymkent (weather
    conditions in Almaty) Qazaq Air;
  8. KS853 Almaty – Astana (aircraft
    replacement not for technical reasons) Air Astana;
  9. DV713 Almaty – Astana (late arrival of the
    aircraft) SCAT Airlines;
  10. KS881 Almaty – Uralsk (late arrival of the aircraft)
    Air Astana;
  11. KS863 Almaty – Aktobe (late arrival of the
    aircraft) Air Astana;
  12. DV725 Almaty – Ust-Kamenogorsk (late arrival of the
    aircraft) SCAT Airlines;
  13. KS301 Almaty – Ust-Kamenogorsk (late arrival of the
    aircraft) Air Astana;
  14. KS885 Almaty – Atyrau (restrictions at Almaty
    airport) Air Astana;
  15. DV729 Almaty – Kostanai (late arrival of
    the aircraft) SCAT Airlines;
  16. DV733 Almaty – Astana (late arrival of the
    aircraft) SCAT Airlines;
  17. DV781 Almaty – Karaganda (late arrival of the aircraft)
    SCAT Airlines;
  18. DV706 Almaty – Shymkent (late arrival of
    the aircraft) SCAT Airlines;
  19. KS935 Almaty – Kuala Lumpur (technical reason) Air
  20. KS939 Almaty – Bangkok (technical reason) Air Astana;
  21. SU1943 Almaty – Moscow (late arrival of the aircraft)
  22. PS538 Almaty – Kiev (late arrival of the aircraft)
    Ukraine International Airlines;
  23. TK351 Almaty – Istanbul (late arrival of the aircraft)
    Turkish Airlines;
  24. FV6902 Almaty – St. Petersburg (late arrival of the
    aircraft) Russia Airlines;
  25. DP834 Almaty – Samara (late arrival of the
    aircraft) Pobeda Airlines;
  26. Z92105 Almaty – Atyrau (removal of the
    passenger) Bek Air;
  27. SU1947 Almaty – Moscow (late arrival of the aircraft)

Currently, the Almaty International Airporthas vertical visibility of 1,100
and horizontal one of 10,000 meters. There
are no any restrictions to take and depart of aircraft.

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Dushanbe International Airport announces start of selling air tickets for Dushanbe – Tashkent flight

User comments

The Dushanbe International Airport, Tajikistan, announces the start of air
ticket sales for DushanbeTashkent flights. These
 flights will be resumed on February10, 2017.

The airport informed the Avesta News Agency, Tajikistan, that agreement on the
resumption of flights has been reached at the level of the two governments.

According to the airport, source from the Tajik side, flights to Tashkent  will be operated once a week on Fridays by Somon
Air. “Those interested can purchase their air tickets at the ticket offices of
the capital city airport”, the airport informed.

Recall, during a press conference yesterday in Dushanbe, Deputy Minister
of Transport of Tajikistan Sherali Gandzhalzoda said that flights en route Dushanbe
– Tashkent will be resumed after signing the appropriate agreement.

According to him, currently, the relevant agencies of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan conduct their work to agree
and coordinate all the procedures on this issue. Also, one has included the
issue of taxation, which is considered by the Uzbek side.

Recently, Valeriy Tyan, CEO, Uzbekistan Airways, told journalists that
an agreement on the resumption of flights between Tajikistanand Uzbekistanis ready, it is necessary to sign it. “The flights en route TashkentDushanbe will
resume in the near future”, Mr. Tyan said.

Recall, the flights between Dushanbe and Tashkent were suspended
in 1992.

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Snowfall paralyzes two of three international airports in Georgia

Heavy snowfall has been continuing for three days in Georgia. Due to
adverse weather conditions, one has closed two of the three international
airports in the country. Flights are cancelled in Kutaisiand Batumi, Georgia, according to WORLD 24.

Passengers were returned their money for the purchased air tickets.
Those who wished to follow their air routes were delivered to the airport in Tbilisi.

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Aircraft to fly from Dushanbe to Tashkent after signing intergovernmental agreement

Dushanbe, TajikistanTashkent, Uzbekistan,
flights can be launched after signing an intergovernmental agreement.

“In order to proceed flight operations en
route Dushanbe – Tashkent, it is necessary to carry out appropriate procedures”,
Sherali Gandzhalzoda, Deputy Minister of Transport of Tajikistan, said at a
press conference in Dushanbe on Monday, January 30, 2017.

noted the air carriers designated  by the
parties are currently involved in opening their representative offices.

Mr. Gandzhalzoda
stressed that private Somon Air, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Airways will operate
their flights en route DushanbeTashkentDushanbe.

to him, the flights between the capitals of the two countries will be resumed
after the signing of an intergovernmental agreement, a draft of which is
currently under consideration by the parties.

regards capacities for launching this flight, Mr. Gandzhalzoda said, “The
passenger traffic on this air route depends from solving visa issues, which is
not within the competence of the Tajik Ministry of Transport”.

We note
herein the visa regime is currently in action between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

on air communication resumption between Tajikistanand Uzbekistan was signed on
December 28, 2016 in Dushanbe after
a meeting of the Tajik-Uzbek intergovernmental commission on trade and economic

Just recently, Valeriy Tyan, CEO, Uzbekistan Airways, said
for Uzbek media that his airline would soon begin flying to Tajikistan.

Intergovernmental Agreement is fully finalized and is ready for signing. There
will be a flight to Dushanbe,
and it will happen in the near future”, Mr. Tyan said.

to him, there is intensive work nowadays between the representatives of the
Uzbek side and the aeronautical authorities of Tajikistan.

“Now, the
questions are resolved on avoiding double taxation and visa issues… We are
almost ready to start”, the CEO of Uzbekistan Airways said.

traffic between Tajikistanand Uzbekistanwas terminated in 1992.

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Boeing 747 crash. Details about cargo


of Boeing 747 near Bishkek is still shrouded in secrecy. The caused of the
tragedy are not announced, owner of the cargo, who sent it from Hong Kong to
Istanbul, is not found,
and it was not explained why the plane landed in Manas.

to one version, the plane has to land for refueling and crew change, to the
other – for unloading. news agency found out that the lighters that were
found at the crash side had already been imported into the country.

 Sensation or insinuation?

the tragedy, the leader of Ata Meken faction Omurbek Tekebayev issued a
statement that smuggled goods have been regularly unloaded in Manas airport. It
has been also carried on that luckless day, January 16.

have a letter from the Turkish company, they had no need to refuel in Kyrgyzstan. The
truth is hidden from the public. We need to identify the guilty. It is wrong to
risk the lives of our citizens and to hide the truth in chase of profit. Someone
received 25 million of profit from each cargo. It was contraband. That’s right,
that the Kazakhs and the Russians do not trust us. We have such holes when the
product is delivered to us by land or by air flights. What kind of cargo it was
because of which our citizens were killed? What is kept secret? We must find
out,” Omurbek Tekebayev stressed.

phones, lighters and manuals in the Kyrgyz language have been found at the
crash site.

Ways for smuggling

of Manas Management JSC Asan Toktosunov told news agency, which
route the goods pass before getting out of the airport. The cargo terminal is
one of the divisions of the company. It is responsible for loading and
unloading of aircrafts (except passenger baggage). 

We have never unloaded it over the period of this flight existence. It is
unclear why the charges of smuggling are addressed to the airport. It is known
that the customs executes the cargo. Saying that there was a contraband aboard
is like blaming a customer of theft of goods in a shop when he has not yet
reached the cashier,” Asan Toktosunov said. “Even if the cargo was to
be unloaded, I have no doubt that it would have passed through customs.”

As for
manuals in the Kyrgyz language, I do not know how they got there. They could be
thrown into the scene, or the owners of the houses had them. It is not excluded
that the goods could turn out to be in Bishkek in the end.

-Please, explain …

There is no straight lines rule in logistics. There are geographical,
political, economic, temporal indicators. For many years, we have organized
transportation from the United Arab Emiratesthrough the south-east of Chinato Kyrgyzstan.
Yes, it is longer in time, but the receivers avoid problems with transportation
by rail through transit countries.

– That is, it is possible that
the cargo was flying from Hong Kong to Istanbul,
and it could go back to Bishkek from there?

There was the same flight from Hong Kong in
October. Recipient is in Bishkek. The cargo was sent to Istanbul and then to us.

– Which company is responsible
for the cargo? 

– We
will not know it now. But one of the charges said that 1.6 tons of goods were
meant for Kyrgyzstan.
Even if this was true, then it could not be left in Bishkek. The cargo is
placed in a plane on pallets taking into account the alignment. One pallet
places 2,500-3,000
. No one will unload the goods there to
re-attach the rest of the goods on pallets. It’s easier to send it to the
biggest hub – Istanbul.

747-400Fmodification allows flying 8,200 kilometers. The distance from Istanbul to Hong Kong is 8,000 kilometers. This
is limiting distance. It is dangerous to perform such flights without
refueling. The plane could not make one more approach or go to the alternate
airport. Furthermore, we should take into account the amount of cargo on

– There has already been export
of contraband case last year…

– That
cargo was officially registered in the cargo terminal. The documents are
stamped by the terminal, customs, which allows the export of the goods. After
it, it is let out of the airport. We have been handed over all the documents. Then
we are talking about false declaration, which has been drawn up at customs. Perhaps
that is why the State Service for Economic Crimes Control opened a criminal

State Customs Service told news agency how it could pass contraband cargo. Several
cargo planes landed on that day. In such cases, customs officers do not check
each box thoroughly, and do it selectively.

to the declaration, there have been transported consumer goods, and cell phones
have been hid in them, which were not indicated in the documents. Exactly they
are considered as contraband, but not all 45 tons of cargo. 

 Whose shoe?

whether there was contraband in crashed Boeing? The owner of the goods did not
show up for the sole reason that he will receive a good compensation from the
airline. The aircraft was insured for a decent amount.

Interstate Aviation Committee said that the data about the recipient was known,
but the experts were not interested in them. The only thing that IAC voiced:
the consignee is in Istanbul.

temporary parliamentary commission and the public suspect that the aircraft
transported the contraband. Information about cargo appeared in the media but
the documents did not contain any information about a legal or natural person.

the documents do not dissipate suspicions about the cargo, but only harden

State Committee for National Security decided to clarify the situation after a
long silence. The board performed by TK 6491 regular freight carriage along
Hong Kong – Bishkek – Istanbulroute with a technical landing (refueling and crew change) in Manas
international airport. According to the cargo manifest, 76, 758 kilograms of
cargo (household appliances, accessories for mobile phones, and so on) were
aboard at the moment of crash with the ultimate carrying capacity of the plane
of 116, 462 kilograms.

to the materials of the check, 1,902 tones of the total volume of cargo
(USB-lighters- electric lighters) have been ordered by JTI Kazakhstan LLC
office in the Kyrgyz Republic and were intended for delivery from Hong Kong to
Istanbul for further shipment to the recipient in Kyrgyzstan on January 19,
2017 by the flight with the number TK 6528 along Istanbul – Bishkek

long as the goods are not taken out from the terminal without documents, it is
incorrectly to call it smuggling. The more so that similar lighters have been
already imported into the country by this company by this flight, and there
were no doubts in the supplies. 

delivery documents say that the cargo was shipped from Hong Kong to Istanbul by TK 6491
flight. It flew to Bishkek by another flight and by Airbus 330.

It is
too early to draw a line under this case. Investigation of the causes of the
crash continues, the issue with the payment of compensation by the Turkish
company – the owner of the aircraft – is not resolved. Surely, there will be
new and interesting details about the cargo of Boeing 747.

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Avia Traffic Company introduces cheaper non-refundable air tickets for sale

Невозвратные билеты

Avia Traffic Company, registered in Kyrgyzstan, informs its passengers
that it has entered cheaper nonrefundable air tickets for sale. The airline
encourages all who purchase it cheap, to be careful and get acquainted with the
rules of payment at registration.

Since January 28, 2017 at the request of the passengers, the Air Company
has issued cheaper non-refundable flights from Kyrgyzstan’s
Bishkek and Osh to Russia’sMoscow and St.
. If desired, the passengers are welcomed to
visit the Air Company’s official website and choose a more expensive refundable
fare giving the possibility of the return value.

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