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Flights from Tashkent and Novosibirsk to Issyk-Kul to be launched

from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Novosibirsk,Russia, will start flying to Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbek media reported
with reference to travel agencies.

to them, starting from July 5 till August 30, 2017 planes will fly from Tashkent International Airportto Tamchy.

to Diplomatic VIP and Travel Service companies, each Wednesday, 190-seat
Boeing 757 will operate its scheduled flights en route Tashkent – Tamchy – Tashkent.
The flight time is one hour and 20 minutes. The cost of the flight
will be US $340.

flights from the largest city of Siberia —Novosibirsk to Issyk-Kul were be launched as well.
S7 Airlines’ Embraer-170 will operate its Novosibirsk —
Tamchy — Novosibirskflights on Wednesdays and Fridays. The flight time is two hours and
50 minutes.

resumption of international flights en route Astana — Tamchy —
Astana, Almaty — Tamchy — Astana and Shymkent — Tamchy —
Shymkent is expected as well.

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Air Astana, KMG and Kazatomprom to be privatized by 2019

country’s largest national companies, namely Air Astana, KazMunaiGaz and
Kazatomprom, will be privatized no later than 2019, the Minister of Finance of
Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov announced on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

shares of these three companies will be sold through IPO”, the Minister told
Reuters at the annual meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and
Development, held in Cyprus.
Over 120 small and medium-sized companies have already been privatized in Kazakhstan. Currently,
necessary preparations are being made to privatize large enterprises.

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SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, receives permits to start operating direct flights to Western Georgia

The Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia has issued permission to SCAT
Airlines, Kazakhstan, to use
airspace of Georgia and start
operating direct scheduled flights en route Kazakhstan – Georgia, the Agency’s  Press Service reported.

As a result of the Agreement, SCAT Airlines will carry out scheduled
passenger flights en route Aktau, KazakhstanKutaisiWestern Georgia – Aktau beginning from May 22,
2017. During the summer air navigation season, this Kazakh airline will operate
flights to all three international airports of Georgia,
namely Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi.

In 2016, 48,800 visitors from Kazakhstan visited Georgia,
which is by 33% more, as compared to 2015.

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Terminal of Kutaisi International Airport to serve 2,200 passengers after its expansion

Картинки по запросу аэропорт Кутаиси фото

On May 9, 2017, the Georgian delegation headed by the First Deputy Prime
Minister and Finance Minister Dmitry Kumsishvili left Kutaisi International Airport
for Larnaka, where the annual meeting and business forum of the Asian Bank for
Reconstruction and Development is held on May 9-11, 2017, the Ministry of
Finance reported.

“I would like to note with great pride and joy that Kutaisi International Airport is one of the most successful
projects: from 2012 to date, the Kutaisi International Airport has rendered its services to almost one million passengers.

We decided to expand the airport terminal. If as of today the terminal
simultaneously serves up to 600 passengers, after the expansion it will be able
to serve 2,200 passengers.

After the liberalization of visas, the load on Kutaisi Airport has increased even more. As you know, flights from the Kutaisi International Airport to 10 destinations in Europe are taking place,
and this figure is increasing.

As compared with the same period  in 2016, passenger traffic has increased by
114% and, of course, we provide the best service to passengers.

One should note herein that along with the growth of the number of
tourists and passengers, the percentage of foreign tourists is very important. Foreigners
take 61% of the users of Kutaisi International Airport”,
Mr. Kumsishvili said.

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Airzena refutes information about emergency landing of its airplane in Kiev

Airzena – Georgian Airways refutes information about the emergency
landing of the aircraft at the Kiev’s  Borispol International Airport.

FrontNews agency referring to a passenger distributed information on the
emergency landing of the liner that belongs to Airzena – Georgian Airways.
According to them, the plane was flying en route TbilisiKiev.

“Nothing happened at all. Where was this information taken from? I have
just spoken with a representative of the company in Ukraine”, Novosti-Georgia news
agency quotes a spokesperson for this airline.

Airzena was established in 1993. Initially, it operated charter flights
to several destinations, including the UAE, ItalyEgypt, India, as well as regular flights to Austria. In
1999, Airzena became the national air carrier of Georgia.

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Georgian Airways plane makes emergency landing at Kiev’s Borispol International Airport

The plane of Georgian Airways, which was flying en route TbilisiKiev, made an
emergency landing at the Borispol International Airport.
Passengers of this aircraft were not allowed to leave the plane at once, on
board passengers told Front News agency.

They note that during the landing of the aircraft, an alarm was
announced. Passengers claim that the plane landed at the airport at 04:14 pm,
but they were not allowed to leave the plane at once, nor they were provided with
any information about what happened.

The airport administration refused commenting on this incident. Georgian
Airways representatives in Ukraine also did not comment on the situation.

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PIA pilot contradicts story about nap during flight


Apropos a story headlined “PIA pilot grabs some shut-eye
leaving aircraft in hands of trainee
” published in Dawn on May 7, Amir Akhtar Hashmi,
the pilot, has issued a contradiction.

In his statement on Monday, he said all major airlines on long sector
scheduled one extra non-rated co-pilot to accompany the rated co-pilot so that
the captain could take a nap out of the cockpit.

In the flight mentioned in the story, he said, both co-pilots were rated
on B777, adding that despite this fact he did not leave the cockpit for more
than a few minutes.

He said the picture published with the story was an old one and that in
that flight he was officially travelling as a passenger.

The purser in her report about the IslamabadLondon flight
— on which the story was based — said that a passenger had complained about the
sleeping pilot. The management accep­ted her report as well as the allegation
levelled by the passenger and the purser against her boss (captain) and took
him off flying duties.

A PIA spokesperson also conceded that an inquiry into the report was
under way.

In February 2017, the airline also found itself in the middle of a
scandal when the newspaper reported that seven passengers were forced to fly
standing up on one of its flights en route KarachiMedina. The spokesperson
of the air carrier then said that the media reports as if some passengers were
flying standing, “were exaggerated and not substantiated”.

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Air China launches Astana – Beijing new flight

B-6079 - Air China Airbus A330-200

June 01, 2017 Air China will
launch a new direct international flight en route Astana,KazakhstanBeijing, China.
The flights will be operated three times a week on the Airbus – 320 airliner according
to the following flight schedule:

No. CA-791/792 will be operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Departure
from Beijing is at 05:20 pm, arrival in Astana is
at 09:00 pm. Departure from Astana is at 10:30 pm, arrival in Beijing is at 05:30 am (the next day). Time
is local for all airports.

Air Astana, Kazakhstan,
also carries out its regular flights on this air route.

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Lower Chamber of the Kazakh Parliament approves Agreement with Russia on aviation search

The Majilis (Lower Chamber) of the Kazakh Parliament
has approved the draft law “To Ratify the Agreement between the Government of
the Republic of Kazakhstanand the Government of the Russian
on Aviation Search and Rescue Cooperation”.
The Agreement was reached in Astana on October 15, 2015. It regulates the
organization and execution of search and rescue operations of aircraft, TASS

“The Agreement is aimed at cooperation between
search and rescue services of states to search for and rescue passengers and
crews of aircraft that are in distress, in accordance with the standards and
recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)”,
said Zhenis Kassymbek, Minister for Investments and Development, Kazakhstan.

The bill defines the normative basis for
conducting joint search and rescue operations. According to the document, each
side provides search and rescue in its area with the presence of aviation
search and rescue services that carry out round-the-clock duty.

“The Agreement provides for the parties’
obligation to notify each other about the accident, the right of one party to
request assistance from the other side in conducting search and rescue
operations”, Mr. Kassymbek explained. According to him, the Agreement “creates
a legal basis for joint exercises of search and rescue services, as well as the
exchange of information and experience for both countries”.

It is stipulated that each party independently bears
the costs incurred in the implementation of search and rescue operations in its
area of
​​responsibility. According to the lawmaking
procedure, after approval by the Lower House of Parliament, the draft law is
sent to the Upper House of Parliament for consideration.

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Direct flight from Kutaisi to Aktau appointed

Starting from May 22, 2017 SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan,
will begin flying from Kazakhstan’s
Aktau to Georgia.
Flights will be operated not only to Tbilisi,
but also to Kutaisi International Airport.

Aktau – Kutaisi– Aktau flights are scheduled twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will
be operated by Boeing B-737 aircraft.

During the summer air navigation season in 2017, this Kazakh airline will
fly to all three international airports of Georgia,
namely Tbilisi, Batumiand Kutaisi.

The Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia has already issued a permit for the
Kazakh air company to carry out these regular flights.

In particular, SCAT Airlines will resume Aktau – Batumi – Aktau flights from June 2, 2017.
Round-trip flights will be operated four times a week, on Wednesdays, Fridays,
Saturdays and Sundays.

SCAT Airlines started operating its flights to Batumi in 2016 and it has been operated on
this airline until the end of the summer air navigation season.

486,849 Kazakh visitors visited Georgia in 2016, which is by 33%
more than in 2015.

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