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Project implementation to build Tashkent-4 terminal temporarily suspended

Реализация проекта по строительству терминала «Ташкент-4» временно приостановлена

Uzbekistan has temporarily suspended implementation
of its project to build a new international passenger terminal (Tashkent-4) at Tashkent International Airport.

June 30, 2017, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a Resolution
“On measures to implement the project to build a modern Airport Civil (Business)Aviation Center on the basis of the Tashkent-Vostochny

The Resolution
says that a decision has been made to temporarily suspend the implementation of
the investment project aimed to build a new international passenger terminal (Tashkent-4)
at Tashkent International Airport.

document notes that the implementation of the project in the city requires the
demolition of residential and non-residential buildings, the transfer of the
section of the Karasu Canal, as well as the
resettlement of citizens, which leads to certain complaints from the population
living in the area of

Airways was involved in implementing the investment project to build a new
international passenger terminal (Tashkent-4) at Tashkent International Airport in accordance
with the Engineering, Communications and Road Transport Infrastructure Development
and Modernization Program for 2015-2019.

The goal
of the project is to improve the quality of passenger services, bringing it to
the most up-to-date international requirements and standards. In addition, it
will meet the growing demand for air transportation, improve the infrastructure
of the airport, and also contribute to the increase of the tourist flow through
the Republic of Uzbekistan.

feasibility study was developed with the assistance of grant funds from the
Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). It was developed in January – July
2016. During the preparation of the document, the Uzbekistan Airways experts and
the Korean side have done a lot of work to assess the current state of the
infrastructure of the Tashkent International Airportand the aviation industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the
prospects for development and the working out the concept for building an
international passenger terminal Tashkent-4.

KOICA selected
organizations with extensive experience in appropriate work implementation to develop
feasibility study. These are five organizations of the Republicof Korea: Incheon Airport– project manager, Heerim, Yooshin, EY Hanyoung and the Korea Transport

In December2016, aloan agreement was signed between the Government of the Republicof Uzbekistan and the Eximbank of the Republic of Korea so that the Korean side allocated funds
borrowed from the EDCF Fund to implement the project. The total cost of the
project is US $ 430,974,000.

to the feasibility study, the Tashkent-4 area is expected to be about 87,000 square meters,
and its carrying capacity will be 1,500 passengers per hour or 5.7 million per

From a
bird’s-eye view, the terminal will resemble the straightened wings of a bird of
happiness, Humo. It will have four floors, it will be adjoined by an apron for
36 aircraft and an access road with a parking lot. The construction of the
terminal will take three years.

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Airport Civil Aviation Center to be built in Tashkent

Картинки по запросу Президент Узбекистана Шавкат Мирзиёев фото

of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev approved the project  to build a modern Airport Civil (Business) Aviation Center on the basis of the Tashkent-Vostochny

June 30, the President of Uzbekistan signed a resolution on measures to
implement this project.

resolution says that the construction of the Airport Civil (Business) Aviation Center will be carried out at the
expense of loans from foreign financial institutions, as well as the Uzbekistan
Airways’ own funds in terms of financing design and survey work.

of the principal debt and payment of interest and commissions for loans of
foreign financial institutions within the framework of the project will be
carried out at the expense of the State Budget of the Republicof Uzbekistan, annually envisaged for Uzbekistan
Airways within the parameters of the Investment Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The President
of Uzbekistan instructed Uzbekistan Airways jointly with Uzshaharsozlikliti SUE
to develop and agree feasibility study of the project with the authorized
expertise structures and submit it for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers of
the Republic of Uzbekistan within three months.

The President
allowed, as an exception, within the framework of the project, to develop
pre-project documentation in a one-stage procedure, without a preliminary feasibility
study, with approval of the feasibility study of the project.

President also allowed to carry out construction and installation works by
February 1, 2018, with the simultaneous development of design estimates.

Mirziyoyev provided tax and customs benefits to the participants of this

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Construction of command and air traffic control center at Dushanbe International Airport to begin in August 2017


The practical implementation of the project to build a command and air
traffic control tower at the Dushanbe International Airportwill begin in the middle of the Q3 2017.

The relevant departments informed the Avesta News Agency, Tajikistan, in the near future, a group of
French experts will arrive in Dushanbefor carrying out preparatory work.

According to the source, at the beginning of the current week
representatives of Tajikaeronavigatsia SUE (Tajik Air Navigation State Unitary
Enterprise – hereinafter, Tajik Air Navigation SUE) and the Ministry of Finance
of Tajikistan visited Paris, France, where they discussed the construction and
supply of equipment for the new building of the command and air traffic control
tower at the Dushanbe International Airport.

The Tajik delegation visited the THALES company, which specializes in
the production of appropriate technical equipment.

Recall, earlier this year the management of the Tajik Air Navigation SUE
announced that the construction of the command and air traffic control tower at
the Dushanbe International Airportwill begin in August 2017 and work on the construction of the tower will begin
according to schedule.

The construction of the air traffic control center will be carried out
at the expense of financing by the Government of the French Republic.
Then it was reported that the cost of the facility was about US $ 2.8 – US $ 3

A draft of this construction (a command and air traffic control tower at
the airport in Dushanbe, 36
high, was developed by French experts.

Its implementation will require about US $ 3 million. It will be
implemented by the French side on a grant basis. The project implementation
period is 18 months. According to the project, the object will withstand a
9-point earthquake.

The General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of France and the Tajik Air
Navigation SUE are responsible for the implementation of this project.

The Tajik side’s obligation is to create conditions for conducting
construction works, providing with  electricity supplies, communication and other
public services and utilities.

The equipping of the command and air traffic control tower is also
entrusted to the Tajik Air Navigation SUE.

Earlier, the Vinci company, France, realized its  project to build a modern air terminal on the
territory of the Dushanbe International Airport.

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Azimut JSC completes equipping Osh International Airport with radio beacons

Azimut JSC, the Russian developer of avionics systems for civil aviation,
successfully completed the work on equipping the Osh International Airportof the Kyrgyz Republic with the DVOR2000 / DME / N2700
Doppler azimuth-rangefinder beacon, the company’s press service reported.

<p” class=”alignnone”>The modernization of the airport was carried out in accordance with the Kyrgyz
Government’s Civil Aviation Development Program for 2015-2020, the main
objective of which is to increase the safety of flights in the region, which
should positively affect the country’s international reputation in the aviation
industry and lead to an increase in transit flights operating by international

<p” class=”alignnone”>Experts of Azimut JSC surveyed the positions for equipment placement,
performed the necessary construction works, assembled radio beacons, conducted
commissioning and instructing maintenance personnel. After ground and flight
tests using a laboratory aircraft, the radio navigation equipment was put into
operation. Having in its design a special antenna system, the DVOR2000 / DME /
N2700 Doppler azimuth-range-range beacon makes it possible to obtain the
information necessary for the flight of the aircraft in conditions of a complex

<p” class=”alignnone”>Recall that similar air navigation equipment produced by Azimut JSC,
which is already successfully operated at the airfields of Russia and a number of foreign countries, was
installed at the Issyk-Kul International Airportof the Kyrgyz Republic at the end of 2016.

<p” class=”alignnone”>Azimut JSC, with the assistance of the Rostekh State Corporation,
develops, serially produces and supplies turnkey civil aviation enterprises
communication, navigation, landing, surveillance and automation of air traffic
control equipment, and develops and implements comprehensive projects for
equipping and re-equipping airfields and air traffic control centers.

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Tajikistan asks France to speed up construction of control tower at Dushanbe International Airport

Картинки по запросу Душанбе попросил Париж ускорить строительство новой башни в столичном аэропорту фото

Representatives of Tajik aero navigatsiya (Tajik Air Navigation Agency)
and the Ministry of Finance of Tajikistanwere on a working visit to Paris from June 25 to
June 28 to conduct negotiations on construction and equipping of a new control
tower at the Dushanbe International Airport.

the framework of the visit, meetings were held in the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, as well as with the THALES company to
familiarize with the technical equipment produced, the Dushanbe Diplomatic Mission
of in Paris informs.

the talks, the French side, expressing its gratitude for the cooperation within
the framework of the French Air Force in Tajikistanduring the operation of the international security forces in Afghanistan, stressed its commitment to joint
implementation of various projects in the aviation sector of Tajikistan.

the control tower, the French side confirmed its readiness to begin
construction of the tower itself, for which a group of experts will be sent to Dushanbe in the near
future to carry out preparatory work.

July 13, 2015, an agreement was signed in Dushanbebetween the Government of Tajikistan and the Government of France to construct
a command and control tower of the Dushanbe International Airport.

agreement was signed by then Minister of Transport of Tajikistan Sherali
Ganjalzoda and then Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to
the Republic of Tajikistan Didier Leroy.

to the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan,
the agreement to build a command and control tower in the form of a
36-meter-high tower at the Dushanbe International Airportwas reached in Dushanbein February 2013.

project was developed by French specialists. It will require EUR 3.5 million.
It will be implemented by the French side on a grant basis. The project
implementation period is 15 months after the signing of the bilateral
agreement, the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan reported in July 2015.

remind herein, in 2014, the Vinci company, France, implemented its project to
build a modern passenger terminal on the territory of Dushanbe InternationalAirport.

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Turkmenistan Airlines buys new Boeing but cuts domestic flights

According to the Chronicle of Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan Airlines reduces
the number of its flights on domestic air routes.

Since this week, Mary – Dashoguz domestic flights have been completely
discontinued. Earlier, they were operated twice a week, on Thursdays and

The number of daily flights en route Dashoguz – Ashgabat has been
reduced from six to three. Employees of the airline explain this by a small
number of passengers on these flights, but they say that flights have been cancelled

At the same time, one should note that in 2016-2017only, Turkmenistan Airlines
announced on launching seven new international flights from Turkmenistan’s Ashgabat
to Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Kiev (Ukraine), Tehran (Iran), Milan (Italy), Bishkek
(Kyrgyzstan), Tbilisi (Georgia), Astrakhan (Russia) and Kazan (Tatarstan,
Russia). At the moment, only the flight to Kazan flies, which is loaded by passengers by
a quarter only.

In addition, Turkmenistan Airlines earlier terminated its flights to Riga (Latvia),Toronto (Canada)
and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

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VIP lounge zone opens at Nursultan Nazarbayev Airport’s new terminal

VIP lounge zone has opened in the new terminal of the International Airport
Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazinform reports with reference to the airport press

business lounge across three floors of the international terminal occupies an
area of 1,250
square meters
. It includes a working area with
computers, meeting rooms, shower rooms and a relaxation area, where travelers
can relax waiting for their flights.

new international business lounge is an integral part of our airport’s service
package. And the opening of a brand new VIP zone is an important part of the
new terminal project, which takes the airport to the next level. We are
gradually improving consumer services for all our passengers,” said Paolo
Ricciotti, the Board Chairman of the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport.

the new airport terminal was placed in operation in early June.

June 20, the Astana Airport was renamed as “Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport
in accordance with the Government’s Decree.

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New terminal of Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport in Astana starts check-in procedures for Air Astana’s flights

Картинки по запросу Новый терминал аэропорта в Астаны фото

Kazakhstan’s flag air carrier, Air Astana, points out that, starting from June
30, 2017, check-in procedures of passengers for flights from Astana to
Frankfurt and Paris, and also, from July 1, 2017, for flights from Astana to
Beijing, Urumqi, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Seoul, will take place in the new
Terminal 1 (T-1) of the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport, Astana,

The new
terminal of Astana International Airportwas opened on May 31, 2017 with the participation of the President of

modern passenger terminal had been built from November 2014 through May 2017. Its
area is 47,000
square meters
. It will maintain up to 8.2 million
passengers a year, which is higher by over 2.5 times than the previous carrying
capacity indicator.

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Air Astana updates baggage transportation procedure

Astana has updated the baggage transportation procedure as follows:

now on, indivisible luggage is checked-in for one passenger only and if the
free baggage allowance is exceeded, it is necessary to pay for excess baggage.

of luggage is allowed only for family members flying together, which can be in
one booking or in different, but most importantly passing check-in together.

possibility of combining luggage will not be granted to passengers who are not
members of the same family and who have not received permission for this

two passengers traveling in economy class together have one bag weighing 30 kilos. According
to the updated procedure, this baggage will be checked-in for one passenger only.
Since the free baggage allowance in the economy class is 20 kilos, passengers
will have to pay extra baggage in excess of 10 kg, respectively. Either
passengers will need to divide the luggage into two separate bags, each of
which will weigh no more than 20 kilos.

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Crashed Boeing-747 had no any cargo for Kyrgyz President onboard


deputy commission of the Parliament to determine owners of the
cargo on board of Boeing 747, which crashed on January 16, 2017,
completed its work.

to one of the members of the commission, Deputy Maksat Sabirov,
they found out who was the owner of the cargo, and how many tons were
on board of the aircraft.

<p”>“It transported
post from all over the world, small cargoes. Only two metric tons of cargo
were intended for Kyrgyzstan —
lighters. But first they had to go to the logistics center
located in Turkey,
and only after that they had to be delivered to Kyrgyzstan.
There was no cargo for the President of Kyrgyzstan,” Mr. Sabirov told News Agency, Kyrgyzstan.

<p”>He added
that the airline representatives told the members of our government and
the Speaker of the Parliament that the plane was supposed to refuel
in Bishkek.

<p”>“We instructed
the Prosecutor General’s Office to bring the investigation to the
end,” Mr. Sabirov said.

it was reported that the cargo in the plane, namely cellular phones,
computers, money, precious metals and stones belonged to the family
of the President of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz citizens and four crew members were killed in the crash of Boeing
Several dozens of houses were destroyed.

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