DUTY FREE shops in Tashkent airport start accepting Uzbek national currency

All Duty Free stores located at the Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov can now accept payments in soums, the Uzbek national currency, NUZ.UZ reports.

The price on the price tags is still indicated in US dollars and Euros, but if the buyer wishes to pay by soums, then the price of goods will be calculated at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank just at the cash desk.

One of the Duty Free stores reported that the list of currencies for payment of goods expanded literally a week ago. This is done for the convenience of passengers arriving at Tashkent International Airport and departing from it.

As regards most of international airports, duty-free shops accept national currency for payment. It was only possible to pay for goods in Duty Free stores in US Dollars or Euros at the airport in Tashkent.

Now, there are four Duty Free stores in the international airport, where alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, chocolate and confectionery, as well as national souvenirs are represented in the assortment.

Duty Free shop is a special shop selling goods at a price that does not include certain types of excises, duties, and VAT, provided that these goods are exported from the country. They are located mainly at checkpoints across the state border including in sea ports, airports and railway stations.

Source – http://ru.sputniknews-uz.com/

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