Residents of Russia’s Chelyabinsk paved air service way to Egypt via Kazakhstan

The Russian Tourism Agency announced that since February 2018, hot Egypt has opened up for Russians. And the residents of Chelyabinsk have already returned from Sharm-el-Sheikh, “paving” the way to Egypt via Kazakhstan, Kazinform reports with reference to

A resident of Chelyabinsk Oleg Yezhkov told on the air of the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio (95.3 FM) how they managed to get to the Red Sea. Together with friends, he paved his way to Egypt. His verdict is that it is much more convenient to get to Sharm el-Sheikh with a flight from Kazakhstan.

In particular, he told the following, “Russia does not sell its tours to Egypt. But we bought vouchers in neighbouring Kazakhstan. We found a reliable tour operator in Kazakhstan’s Kostanai and paid for the trip online. Officially, our tour is not connected with Russia in any way. We flew from Kostanai, we returned to the same place. And for a transfer from Chelyabinsk, we hired a local taxi, as it costs RUR 1,000 one way. A Volkswagen minibus took us straight from the house, and after three and a half hours we were at the airport. We passed the state border for 20 minutes, and the taxi driver also helped us.

The Russian speaker also noted that the airport in Kostanai is small, as one in Chelyabinsk, but it is cozy. This flight was the only one for the whole night.

“Usually Kazakhs go to Russia to fly abroad from Chelyabinsk or Yekaterinburg. And here we arrived. Local people are also happy. We really liked the Kazakh air carrier, as the airplane was beautiful, the crew was friendly and food was delicious,” the tourist said.

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