Bell Helicopter’s supplies increase

Last year, supplies of Bell Helicopter’s commercial helicopters grew by 15.8% as the company increased shipments of its new Bell 505 Jet Ranger X. In total, the manufacturer last year delivered 132 helicopters to customers, including twenty-seven 505s, four 206 L / LTs, forty-four 407s, thirty-six 429s, thirteen 412s and eight Huey IIs. In 2016, Bell delivered 114 helicopters including ten 206 L / LTs, fifty seven 407s, twenty-eight 429s, ten 412s and nine Huey IIs.

The revenues of the helicopter manufacturer increased by US $ 78 million in 2017, as compared to the same period last year, and amounted to US $ 3,317 billion and were largely due to higher volumes in the segment of military helicopters and partially offset by lower rates in the segment of commercial vehicles due to cheaper Bell 505. Meanwhile, the profit grew by US $ 28 million up to US $ 415 million, but a lower profitability was recorded because of the Jet Ranger X.

Scott Donnelly, Chairperson and CEO, Textron, predicts a slightly lower revenue for the helicopter maker in 2018 – US $ 3.2 billion. But he hopes for a recent rise in oil prices, which will help stabilize offshore helicopter operators, and Mr. Donnelly is positive about demand on helicopters from China, especially on Bell 407 and 505.

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