Boeing, Airbus to purchase aircraft spare parts produced in Georgia

The construction of a plant for the production of civil aircraft spare parts is nearing completion in Georgia. The enterprise keeps under way the process of equipping with machinery and installations. The first production will be ready by the end of 2018 and will fully recover for export. The company will produce an aerodynamic surface, a control panel and other spare parts, which will be acquired by the largest players in the global aviation industry, namely the Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier companies, Georgia Online reports.

A joint project of the Partnership Fund and Elbit Cyclone, Israel, to build a plant for the production of civilian aircraft has gone into the active phase. In the end, the project costs US $ 85 million. The company currently employs more than 60 employees who have been retrained in Israel. After the full launch of the plant, it is planned to employ 300 people.

The management of the Partnership Fund and the management of partner companies were familiarized with the process of equipping the plant today. According to David Saganelidze, Executive Director, Partnership Fund, the agreement with The Boeing Company has already been formalized.

“From the end of 2018, Georgian products will be supplied to the leading companies of the aviation industry. Products will be produced in Georgia using modern innovative technologies, which will ensure high quality of the international level,” Mr. Saganelidze said.

In September 2015, the Partnership Fund jointly with Elbit Cyclone laid the foundation for the construction of a plant for the production of spare parts for civil aircraft. A high-tech plant will be built on the territory adjacent to the Tbilisi International Airport.

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