UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS to increase free baggage allowance rate

Uzbekistan Airways has its plans to increase the free baggage allowance rate by 50% for economy class passengers, as regards the flights departing from Uzbekistan, according to Sputnik Uzbekistan.

Until the end of February 2018, the Air Company management will increase the weight of luggage from 20 to 30 kg for economy class.

“We envisage the introduction and expansion of Duty free and Tax free systems. It is advantageous for us to export goods from Uzbekistan. For example, this regards some textile products, when we are tormented to increase its sales abroad. And if the baggage allowance is increased, they will buy it from us themselves and will take it away, which is very profitable,” said Aziz Abdukhakimov, CEO, State Committee for Tourism, Uzbekistan.

According to the official, even if one hypothetically imagines that each of the one million tourists who visit Uzbekistan every year receives these 10 free kilograms, it will be possible to significantly increase export performance.

“In addition, since March 2018, Uzbekistan Airways will begin selling additional services on board, including Internet, making calls and sending SMS messages in flight. Foreign tourists have long raised this issue, as many international airlines have implemented it,” he noted.

We remind herein that Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the President of Uzbekistan, also allowed Uzbekistan Airways to sell its air tickets for international flights at a price below the cost price. From now on, the Ministry of Finance, by the end of March this year, should develop and implement a mechanism to reduce the Air Company’s taxable base for the amount of air ticket sales at reduced prices.

Uzbekistan Airways intends to increase passenger transportation by 1.3 times by 2021 – up to 3.3 million people through the organization of new economically viable destinations, by means of increasing the number of charter flights to the CIS, and to Russia in particular, as well as the countries of the South-East Asia and Europe.

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