Airbus delivered 27 commercial aircraft to customers in January 2018

Airbus, the European aircraft company, began operating in 2018 with the receipt of an order in January for 20 narrow-bodied aircraft of the A320 family. Thus, the total number of orders for aircraft of this family amounted to 14,135 planes for the entire period of its production, the Airbus Press Service reported.

In addition, the company delivered 27 narrow-bodied and wide-bodied airplanes in January, bringing the total volume of the company’s supplies since its inception to almost 11,000 aircraft.

“In January 2018, orders were made for 15 A320neo airliners from China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (CALC) and five A320ceo aircraft for Spirit Airlines, the U.S. low cost carrier. In January, Airbus delivered 21 airliners of the A320 family, A330-300 and four A350 -900s”, the company noted.

As of the end of the month, the total order book of Airbus included 7,253 aircraft, which is approximately nine years of production on current schedules.

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