Airport in Kazakhstan’s Semei to be returned to state after illegal privatization

The Mayor of Semei explained how the airport building was sold into private ownership, Kazinform reports with reference to the website.

Due to privatization, the reconstruction of the airport in Semei was stopped. This assignment was given by the Governor of the East Kazakhstan Region Danial Akhmetov.

During the meeting with the population, the Mayor of Semei Yermak Salimov explained the situation around the airport building and informed those who are guilty of the fact that the strategic object was privately owned.

“A Semei Avia Company operated in Semei, and it had owned the airport building for some time. Now, this company is going through bankruptcy proceedings and this is being handled by the bankruptcy manager. Individual objects owned by Semei Avia, namely the runway and airport building, were included in the reconstruction project. From the very beginning, there was an agreement with the bankruptcy manager that he would announce tenders, transfer the airport property to state ownership, that is, to the balance of the Irtysh Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation. Some funds were provided in the budget for investing in these facilities. Bidding has passed, but the bankrupted manager has sold the property to completely different people, not to the state, but to some LLP,” the Mayor of Semei said.

At present, judicial procedures are underway to return the airport building to state ownership.

“The airport is a strategic object. There are situations when the owners of the object will set their conditions. For example, for passenger transportation. This can not be tolerated. Therefore, a statement was directed to the court to recognize the illegal contract. The airport building will be returned to state property,” Mr. Salimov said.

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