Plans to restore airport in Kazakhstan’s Ekibastuz

The airport in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan, will be in demand among tourists and industrialists who regularly visit the city and neighbouring Bayanaul, local authorities are sure, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

The Mayor of Ekibastuz Kairat Nukenov noted at the hardware meeting in the Governor’s House, Pavlodar Region, Kazakhstan, said, “You know that the tourist cluster in Bayanaul is developing very well. At the same time, the industrial sector of Ekibastuz, where investors come, receives very good development. Therefore, this facility is necessary for our city. We have entrepreneurs who directly want to participate in the resuscitation of this airport. The only question is the price of this object.”

An active phase of development is observed in Ekibastuz, Mr. Nukenov noted. Therefore, the city needs air service. The investors are ready to revive it.

The airport was opened in the 1990s. Various aircraft from Almaty and Moscow regularly landed in Ekibastuz. But due to violations revealed by the Civil Aviation Committee, the flights were suspended. Later, the airport was closed completely.

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