Starling Jet – hybrid vertical take-off and landing business jet

The British startup Samad Aerospace is developing the world’s first hybrid business jet with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). The business jet will accommodate 10 passengers and will be able to fly 2,400 km. The first flight tests of the hybrid will take place in 2024. The company is also working on reduced models of purely electric aircraft for private flights and cargo transportation.

Samad Aerospace showed the concept of the world’s first business VTOL-aircraft with a hybrid power-plant. As reported by CNBC, the presentation of Starling Jet took place on an airplane Singapore Airshow 2018.

Equipped with five electric motors business jet uses electric traction during take-off and landing, as well as for short-distance flights within the city. At high altitude and during flights along an extended route, the aircraft goes to horizontal mode, and its work is provided by a diesel turbofan engine.

Starling Jet can reach speeds up to 460 miles per hour and clock 1,500 miles. For comparison, the average helicopter flies at a speed of 480 km/h and can cross no more than 800 km.

Business jet accommodates only 10 passengers. Samad Aerospace noted the aircraft is designed for super-wealthy customers, politicians and heads of large corporations. It can also be used in emergency cases as an ambulance or a means of transportation in areas of natural disasters.

For owners of a more modest income, the company plans to produce smaller models of electric planes with more modest characteristics. The Starling line will include a seven-seater Jet e-Starling at a speed of 480 km/h and a power reserve of 640 km. The second model of the line is UAV Starling, designed for the transport of small loads of up to 10 kg. Both aircraft will be equipped with electric motors only.

All three models have been under development for a while. According to representatives of the startup, e-Starling will be the first on the market. Mini-jet will test as early as March 2019, and in 2022 the aircraft will go on sale. Starling Jet trials are scheduled for 2024. The company has already received three orders for a hybrid business jet. The bank, the investment fund and the transport company became interested in the development. All of them are based in Asia.

Like the other manufacturer of electric planes – Pipistrel, the British company plans to open development centers in Asia, for example, in Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong. Also, Samad Aerospace is considering the opening of centers in Europe. The company assures that the use of hybrid and electric aircraft will reduce the cost of operation by 50%. The e-Starling model will cost US $ 6.7 million, and Starling Jet – at US $ 8.9 million. Even beginners will be able to manage the aircraft, as it will be enough to pass a training course lasting 20 hours.

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