Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia informs on rising in price for air tickets to Russia

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia will raise its tariffs for air navigation services in the sky of Russia. In this regard, after approval by the Government of Russia, the prices for air tickets to Russia will increase, one noted on the website of the Russian antimonopoly authority, Migrant.news.tj writes.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has drafted an order to raise tariffs for air navigation services in the sky of Russia. They have not been raised for eight years.

“Now, the growth is justified by the fact that over the years, the expenses of the Air Navigation Service have grown, not only because of inflation, but also because of rising prices for fuel, electricity and equipment. As in all tariffs regulated by the state, the aeronautical ones should have certain indexation. The prices for air tickets will also grow,” The Russian Newspaper writes, as its article is available on the FAS website.

The rates of air navigation fees are regulated in Russia, both for domestic carriers and for foreign ones.

For example, as regards a small aircraft weighing less than two metric tons, 100 kilometers of flight in the Russian sky will cost US $11.1 (now it costs US $10.6). For Russian carriers, 100 kilometers of flight on a small plane will cost RUR 351.8 (now, it costs RUR 335.6).

As regards a plane weighing 400 metric tons that can carry freight and passengers over long distances, for example, from the USA to South Korea, such a rate will be higher. Now, it is US $ 128.4, and will be US $ 134.6 per 100 kilometers. For Russian airlines, this cost will be RUR 3238.1 and the current one is RUR 3089.2.

The draft order is not specified when exactly new rates will be introduced.

But it is already known that from July 1, 2018, there are plans to raise collection rates by 4.8% for all categories of users on air traffic service routes.

The State Corporation for Air Traffic Management is a provider of air navigation services in Russia. It develops optimal ways to carry out flights on cross-polar and trans-eastern routes, which allows to reduce flight time, save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Any increase in tariffs, whether airport services, fuel prices or air navigation services, directly affect the cost of air tickets.

Passengers of Russian flights will feel this increase on themselves. It is not clear how much the price of air tickets for flights from Tajikistan will be increased, but it is already known that it will be at least 5%.

At present, more than 15 flights to different Russian cities are carried out from Tajikistan. Flights to Russia are the main source of earnings for both Tajik airlines and airports.

Source – http://news.tj/

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