Carrying capacity of airport in Kutaisi to be tripled

“After the launch of the new terminal, the possibilities of the Kutaisi International Airport will triple. To date, this airport can serve up to 300 passengers per hour and, in the future, this number can increase up to 1,000 – 1,100 people.

Nowadays, 450 employees work at the airport and after the terminal is completed, new jobs and new opportunities will appear in the region,” said Dmitry Kumshishvili, First Vice-Speaker, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, who got acquainted with the construction of the new terminal building of the Kutaisi International Airport.

Ketevan Aleksidze, Director General, Georgian Airports Association, provided information on the progress to Dmitry Kumesishvili.

By this time, 90% of reinforced concrete works have been completed at the new terminal, which will be completed by the end of May 2018, after which the installation of iron structures will begin and the first stage will be completed.

The design of the new terminal building belongs to the UN Studio Architectural Company, Netherlands. Analysis of the airport development was made by IATA Consulting, which determined the standard of all services that the airport must meet to.

The airport will have six exits. The total area of ​​the terminal building is 24,176 square meters. meters. The airport in Kutaisi currently employs 440 people, and this number will increase after the completion of construction.

The renovated terminal building will be opened next year.

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