Turkey ready to provide Azerbaijan with favourable conditions for pilot training

Turkish Airlines is ready to help Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) to train pilots and improve their skills on more favourable terms, coordinator of the Turkish Airlines training center told reporters during the press tour to the company.

Turkish Airlines training center, which ranks third in the world, provides training for pilots and flight personnel.

“Azerbaijani pilots are trained in Dubai, but we offer AZAL our services, which can be more profitable taking into account the costs of training and accommodation. We can build a similar center in Azerbaijan in the case of reaching an agreement at the state level, ” the coordinator said.

For example, while the hour of use of aircraft simulators in Europe costs $440, in Dubai it costs $350-400 and in Turkey it is 25-50 percent cheaper. At the moment, such airlines as Royal Fleet, Saudia, Onur, Kuwait, Kam Air, Hats, Iraq Air, etc. are the clients of the center.

The coordinator of the center also evaluated the quality of training of pilots in terms of the number of accidents that occur very often in recent years. There were three or four accidents during the operation of Turkish Airlines over the last 10 years.

The center trains tens of thousands of people a year, including about 3,000 pilots. Every day, 850 people attend the training in the center. The center is equipped with more than 10 aircraft simulators which simulate Boeing and Airbus aircraft, and the price of one such machine is about $20 million. By the end of 2019, their number will be increased to 30.

The simulator allows for simulating any country and area and creating conditions such as bad weather and turbulence which are the closest to reality, and playing any scenarios, such as fire.

Source – https://en.trend.az/

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