Opening ceremony to launch renovated airport terminal building takes place in Jalal-Abad

On May 7, 2018, there was an opening ceremony of the renovated terminal building of the Jalal-Abad airport, southern Kyrgyzstan.

“The implementation of the project aimed to expand the terminal building at Jalal-Abad Airport has been successfully completed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic to announce the year of 2018 to be “The Year of Regional Development” issued on January 10, 2018, said Emir Chukuev, Chairperson, Manas International Airport.

According to him, the terminal building has been modernized in order to improve the quality of passenger service at the airport in Jalal-Abad.

“The Manas International Airport’s own funds in the amount of nearly KGS  13 million (over US $ 190 thousand) were invested to implement the project. All planned construction and installation works were completed in late April 2018. After expansion, the total area of ​​the terminal has exceeded 500 square meters. The new terminal building is now many times larger, more modern and comfortable. As for the old terminal building, it did not meet today’s requirements for safety and quality of passenger service,” he said.

Mr. Chukuev noted that the development of the airport in Jalal-Abad provides an opportunity to meet the needs of the region’s population in air transportation and will contribute to develop the transport infrastructure of Kyrgyzstan as a whole.

The event was attended by the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic M. Abylgaziev, the Minister of Transport and Roads of Kyrgyzstan J. Kalilov, the Plenipotentiary of the Government of Kyrgyzstan in Jalal-Abad Region K. Satybaldiev, the Chairperson of the Manas International Airport E. Chukuev, the Director of Osh International Airport T. Isakov and others.

Currently, regular domestic flights en route Bishkek – Jalal-Abad – Bishkek are carried out three times a week by an RJ-85 aircraft, but in the future, there are plans to increase the number of scheduled flights.

Reference information

The Jalal-Abad Airport is located on the western outskirts of the city of Jalal-Abad. The Jalal-Abad aerodrome refers to the airfields of the “3S” class (ICAO standards) and is located at an altitude of 790 meters above sea level, where there is one asphalt concrete artificial runway measuring 1,773 x 35 meters. The type of runway cover is asphalt concrete. Date of commissioning of the Jalal-Abad airfield – 1975.

Operational types of aircraft: the aerodrome is able to take the following types of aircraft: BAE-146, RJ-85, SAAB-340, Yak-40, An-26, An-28, An-2 and their analogs, as well as helicopters of all types that can be operated locally.

The Kyrgyz Air Navigation Agency’s Osh branch establishment carries out air traffic services, radio technical and meteorological support for flights.

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