Osh International Airport – the second largest airport in Kyrgyzstan in terms of passenger traffic

The Osh International Airport, southern Kyrgyzstan, is the second largest and the most important passenger airport in Kyrgyzstan, which is part of the Manas International Airport OJSC.

The airport is one of the largest airports in the Fergana Valley. The main purpose of the airport is to meet the air transportation needs of the entire southern region of Kyrgyzstan, the center of which is the city of Osh, located in 601.10 km from Bishkek, 420.37 km from Tashkent, 142.08 km from Namangan. and 71.83 km from Andizhan.


The Osh International Airport provides ground handling services to aircraft of local and international airlines, scheduling regular and charter flights, and it provides commercial non-aviation services. The airport is capable of taking all types of aircraft.

The goal of all Osh airport services is the maximum reduction in the duration of operations for the reception, dispatch of passengers, luggage, handling of goods and servicing of aircraft equipment with unconditional compliance with aviation security requirements.

A lot of work has been done at Osh Airport in recent years. So, taking into account the limited capacity of the old terminal building, the area was enlarged by 2,160 m2, from 5,000 m2 up to 7,160 m2. The work on the re-planning of the international flight sector was completed – the division of the halls of the VIP-hall and the hall of official delegations, which allowed increasing the carrying capacity from 450 passengers per hour up to 600 passengers per hour.

A new arrival hall was put into operation, which was expanded at the expense of the existing building of the airport terminal building, which is part of the Osh International Airport. So, before the construction began, the area of ​​the arrivals hall was 660 sq. m., and after the completion of the construction works, the total area of ​​the arrival hall is 2,000 sq. m. The new arrival hall will allow you to simultaneously take 3-4 flights. The capacity of the air terminal building, taking into account the expansion, is 550-600 passengers per hour. Also, in order to promptly and qualitatively service passengers of international flights, five border control cabins are installed in the arrival hall. To speed up the process of obtaining luggage by passengers, additional equipment of the baggage claim system has been installed in the baggage claiming room. Currently, there are three of them. Within the framework of the implementation of the Taza Coom National Program for Digital Transformation of the Kyrgyz Republic, two sets of equipment of the Electronic Gates (E-gate) system are installed in the new arrival hall.

So, in 2012, the Osh International Airport serviced 810,285 passengers, in 2017 – 1,358,937 passengers. Thus, the growth in passenger turnover amounted 59.6%, as compared to 2012.

Source – http://www.kabar.kg/

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