TAV Georgia responds to Georgian Airways’ accusations

TAV Georgia, the manager of the Tbilisi International Airport, made a statement in connection with accusations against this company admitted by Georgian Airways.

“Georgian Airways continues to mislead the public, in particular, it declares that our company prevents the reduction of prices for air tickets, which is untrue.

According to the report on economic development made by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), only 25% of the air tickets’ cost in Georgia for airport services (security, ground services, take-off and landing) is accounted for, all the rest, that is 75%, is the costs of the airlines themselves.

As an example, you can take several destinations, where both Georgian Airways and foreign companies fly from the Tbilisi International Airport, for example, to Moscow and Kiev. The cost of Georgian Airways’ tickets is much higher than the ones of foreign carriers, namely Aeroflot, Pobeda and Ukraine International Airlines.

In addition, it should be noted that these foreign companies do not enjoy any privileges, and all ground handling of their aircraft is carried out by TAV Georgia.

In the case of Georgian Airways, the airport accounts for US $ 33 from the cost of their roundtrip air tickets.

This clearly shows that Georgian Airways deliberately misleads the public and tries to discredit TAV Georgia,” the statement said.

TAV Georgia is a subsidiary of TAV Airports, the international airport management company.

ADP Group, the French state-owned company, is a main shareholder of TAV Airports.

TAV Airports operates in 19 countries, where it operates 77 airports, which, in turn, transport over 245 million passengers annually.

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