Boeing refuses multi-billion deal to supply 80 aircraft to Iran

Boeing will not supply aircraft to Iran within the framework of the agreement signed at the end of 2016 for US $ 16.6 billion, AFP reported with reference to the official representative of the manufacturer, according to Kommersant.

“No aircraft has been delivered to Iran yet, and in the absence of a license to trade with Iran, Boeing will not supply planes,” the company said. The statement followed the US President’s decision to withdraw from the so-called Nuclear Deal, concluded in 2015.

Within its framework, Iran renounced the nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. But Donald Trump called the deal unfair, and in early May, Washington announced the withdrawal from the Agreement. It was assumed that within ten years the manufacturer would sell 80 aircraft to Iran’s national carrier Iran Air, and another 30 planes to another Iranian airline, Aseman Airlines, for US $ 3 billion altogether.

Updating the fleet of Iranian aircraft is one of the most pressing issues of the last years of the local aviation industry. The average age of aircraft in the country is 23 years, which is twice as high as the world average.

Since the beginning of the century, 1,738 people have died in air crashes, including the wreckage of the Air Force transport aircraft and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

However, despite the refusal of Boeing from the deal, Iran still has the opportunity to update the fleet through agreements with European aircraft manufacturers. In parallel with Boeing, Airbus agreed with Iran on the supply of 100 aircraft, and the French-Italian ATR – on the transaction for 20 aircraft. So far, both companies have managed to deliver 11 planes to Iran.

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