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AZAL’s Moscow – Lankaran direct flights launched – ADDITION

Since June 8, 2018 Azerbaijan Airlines” (AZAL) starts operating its direct flights en route Moscow, Russia – Lankaran, Azerbaijan – Moscow.

Buta Airways starts direct flights from Azerbaijan’s Baku to Alania, Turkey

Buta Airways has started direct flights from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Alania, Turkey.

The world’s best airports, airlines named

AirHelp service published its new ratings of the world’s best airlines and airports. Qatar Airlines and Hamad Airport in Doha were named absolute world leaders, as regards air transportation service. The company’s ratings are based on three main indicators, namely punctuality, quality of service and passenger satisfaction.

Travix joins Amadeus’ NDC-X program to drive progress with NDC for OTAs

Travix will co-design an NDC-enabled solution that will help online travel agencies deliver more personalized and differentiated travel experiences.

AZAL launches its flights from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport to Azerbaijan’s Lankaran

The national air carrier of Azerbaijan, AZAL, has launched its flights from Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport, Russia to Lankaran, Azerbaijan.

The world’s worst airports named

Experts working with the AirHelp service, which helps passengers to receive compensation in the event of a delay in flight, compiled a rating of airports for the quality of service, timeliness of departures and estimates of passengers, according to RIA Novosti, Russia.

What to do when you are rocked in airplane?

Flight is a stressful situation for our body. Some people carry it easily, while others may experience discomfort. For example, many people experience rocking in their flights. The season of holidays has begun, and TengriMIX offers you to familiarize with the list of receptions which will help to cope with a motion sickness in the plane.

What kind of luggage can you carry in airplanes?

The Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) under the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan, reminded the rules of flight and baggage transportation, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.