What kind of luggage can you carry in airplanes?

The Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) under the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan, reminded the rules of flight and baggage transportation, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

So, according to these rules, the passenger informs the airline five calendar days before the flight when booking his/her air tickets: in case of excess baggage allowance or oversized (over 158 cubic cm), heavy (over 32 kg) baggage, such a passenger informs about the presence of baggage, which must be transported in the aircraft cabin only.

“After receiving this information, the Airline informs the passenger within 24 hours about the refusal to transport, if transportation is not possible, based on the technical capabilities of the aircraft. Each minor passenger who pays for the carriage of 50% of a certain class of service is given a separate seat and free baggage allowance which is allowed at the rate of the standard fare. Baggage that exceeds the free rate is paid at the appropriate rate,” the Committee reported.

The CAC also reminded that passengers from the disabled and low-mobility groups can additionally carry a stretcher and a wheelchair for free. After registering the baggage for its safety, the airline is responsible.

“The airline does not accept baggage as registered if it is not packed in suitcases, boxes, bags or other packaging to ensure its safe transportation. The checked baggage is transported on the same aircraft, which is followed by the passenger. Each passenger with a ticket is provided with free transportation of hand luggage and luggage weighing not more than 20 kg. The total weight of hand luggage to be introduced into the cabin of the aircraft and its maximum dimensions are set by the air carrier. Children who go to the destination without payment, are not provided with the right for free baggage transportation and a separate seat in the cabin,” the Committee added.

If the passenger has not received his/her checked baggage and stated this, the airline or an authorized agent serving the passenger is taking measures to find the luggage. Unclaimed, luggage sent by the airline is sent to the destination, stop or transfer without additional payment. The passenger receives his/her checked baggage immediately after being presented by the airline to the delivery at the destination, stopover or transfer.

In cases of delay in the delivery of baggage, its shortage, damage or loss, an act of malfunction is drawn up, which is signed by the passenger and the airline. For delay in the delivery of baggage, the airline pays a penalty to the receiver of the baggage at the rate of 10% of the ticket price for every day of delay, but not more than 50% of the cost of the air ticket.

It should also be remembered that according to the Passenger Service Standards and Airport Service Regulation, the time for receipt of baggage upon arrival of the flight according to the schedule should not exceed 15 minutes.

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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