What to do when you are rocked in airplane?

Flight is a stressful situation for our body. Some people carry it easily, while others may experience discomfort. For example, many people experience rocking in their flights. The season of holidays has begun, and TengriMIX offers you to familiarize with the list of receptions which will help to cope with a motion sickness in the plane.

A green apple is the most effective product from nausea. It contains many useful fibers that help remove nauseating microorganisms.

“Green apples do a great job of motion sickness, it’s true. If you feel sick in the plane, just eat them and everything will go away,” said one of the Cruise Critic users. “I ate an apple when I felt bad, and it really worked!” Nausea left in half an hour,” another traveler confirmed.

Sucking on a slice of lemon and drinking water in small sips also help.

Ginger also reduces the symptoms of nausea. Therefore, it is better to drink ginger tea or, if you want, stronger, ginger ale. But it is better to refuse from red wine, it can badly affect the state of health during the flight.

By the way, the seats at the wing level are always less subject to shaking, so the passengers who are being rocked, it is worth choosing them.

In addition, experts from the “Journal of Applied Psychology” advised to convince themselves that you are not nauseous. They set an example with Israeli officers who told the cadets that they could not have sea sickness, and five days later, much fewer cadets complained of motion sickness. Nevertheless, auto-training works at all times.

Note that in May, the pilot of the aircraft told what to do to passengers to survive when the aircraft begins to fall. According to Boeing-787 Captain Dave Incha, you must always be prepared for the disaster: remove high heels, glasses, loosen neckties and scarves. Also, you need to remember where the nearest emergency exit is, and count the number of obstacles that stand in the way to it, in case the aircraft is full of smog.

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