Scammers cheat those at Ashgabat International Airport who do not get on flights, taking thousands of US dollars from them

A gang of scammers is operating at the international airport in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. They offer their “service” “to board on a plane” for a certain fee. Scammers take advantage of the fact that in recent months Turkmen citizens have not been allowed to fly on international flights at the airport in Ashgabat, according to Azatlyk Radio, Turkmenistan.

A Turkmen resident who fell victim to these scammers contacted the editorial office and told that the gang consists of 5-6 people and is led by a 35-year-old man from Vekilbazar district of the Mary Region, Turkmenistan.

“This gang offers those who were removed from the flights to help with passage through passport control. Payment is taken in US dollars. I was taken US $ 1,200 and they just disappeared. It turns out that before me they also deceived several people. To different people, they call different prices. He is a very cunning and slippery person, all of his gang are also from Mary. Among them, there is one woman. But not only this gang is engaged in this “business”, there are others as well,” the Turkmen resident said, who asked not to disclose his identity because of fears for his safety.

According to him, he appealed to the police with a complaint about these scammers, but he was warned there that “responsibility is spread to both bribe-taker and bribe-giver and therefore he can be detained as accountable person.”

“They know that people will not go to the police and therefore they act quite openly. I do not want them to continue to deceive people. We must all say that no one should give even a dollar to them,” the Turkmen citizen said.

Sources at the Ashgabat International Airport told that some gangs of swindlers act in collusion with the security and airport employees. They provide intermediary services between bribe-takers and bribers. As one of the reporters told, many passengers who paid a bribe manage to get on flights, but in some cases those who have received a bribe simply disappear.

“Due to the fact that in recent months, the denial of Turkmen citizens to international flights has become massive, corruption has increased at the airport. Employees of the security service, border guards, migration service take bribes amounting US $ 2,000 – 3,000 to “help” those removed from flight. In many cases, they do this through outsiders, they are directly afraid to undertake it. Therefore, there were also scammers offering intermediary services to give bribes to the right hands,” the source said.

According to him, people who are determined to leave the country at all costs and those ones in their desperate situation easily come to these scammers.

At the same time, the reporter adds, it is not clear by what criteria people are not allowed on flights, because they cannot miss both young and old people. “It is known that young people, especially girls, have a special attitude in order to counteract as prostitutes. There are also instructions on young people of working age. But why they do not let the elderly to fly out?” the reporter asks.

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