Myway Technics provider enters Georgian MRO services market

Myway Airlines, the new Georgian air carrier will develop the Myway Technics provider under its control to meet the MRO needs. It was established by the director of Myway Airlines, a Chinese citizen George Zhang. In the future, Myway Technics will provide services to third-party customers.

The new provider Myway Technics, which has no legal relation to Myway Airlines, received a certificate from the Georgian civil aviation authorities for MRO of Boeing-737 NG aircraft at the end of March 2018. It covers the work on 2A-Check inclusive linear maintenance of aircraft, George Berdzenishvili, director, Myway Technics, vice-president, technical director, Myway Airlines, told

Myway Technics experts have started servicing the Boeing 737-800 of this new Georgian airline since April 1, 2018.

The production facilities of Myway Technics are located at the Tbilisi International Airport. The provider does not have a hangar yet. Its plans include opening of a linear station in Batumi, from where Myway Airlines will begin operating its regular flights very soon.

Subsequently, the provider plans to deal with the maintenance of Boeing 737 CL and Airbus A320. “It depends on the clients’ orders. We are starting to work on getting EASA Part 145, the European certificate. We will not maintain the components yet,” Mr. Berdzenishvili commented.

According to him, Georgia’s Georgian Airways and Airplane Technics, the Lithuanian provider FL Technics, and others operate in the MRO services market in Tbilisi.

Answering the question why it was decided to deal with Myway Airlines MRO independently, the director of Myway Technics said, “MRO is a long-term, profitable and strategic business for us, while Myway Technics serves only Myway Airlines, but there are some offers from other airlines as well.”

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