Tajik Air Navigation SUE convinces: it will be safer for foreign liners to fly to Dushanbe

Representatives of Tajik Air Navigation State Unitary Enterprise (SUE) and the Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan today assured deputies of the Lower Chamber of the Tajik Parliament that the problems for foreign airliners’ flights to Dushanbe will disappear beginning from the following month.

The Lower Chamber of the Tajik Parliament today supported the Government’s proposal to exempt imports of equipment for the Tajik Air Navigation SUE from VAT and customs duties.

This time, the Government asks the PMs to exempt from the value-added tax and customs duties the import of modern radio electronic equipment for the needs of Tajik Air Navigation SUE.

Jamshed Nurmuhammadyen, Deputy Minister of Finance of Tajikistan, noted in his speech in the Parliament, the list of equipment to be delivered by June 21, 2018 was approved by the Government of Tajikistan.

The equipment was purchased for US $ 1.2 million at the expense of the SUE itself.

The Tajik state budget will lose about US $ 278 thousand from the exemption from the payment of VAT and customs duties.

Members of the Parliament were informed that the imported equipment will be installed in all major airports of Tajikistan and on the Shar-Shar pass in the territory of Vakhdat settlement in July 2018.

The equipment will ensure the safety of flights not only of civil airliners, but also airliners of the Air Force of Tajikistan.

Representatives of the Government assured the members of the Tajik Parliament that after mounting the above-mentioned equipment, the transit flights of foreign aircraft through the airports of Tajikistan will greatly increase.

A representative of Tajik Air Navigation SUE reminded that Turkish Airlines canceled three scheduled flights to Dushanbe for technical reasons in late 2016, namely, due to the lack of visibility in their standards when boarding an airplane. He assured the members of the Tajik Parliament that such problems will disappear after the installation of new equipment.

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