Amadeus is the first to achieve level 3 certification on the latest version of the NDC standard

Version 18.1, generated from the new data model, is a key milestone towards the industrialization of the NDC standard.

Since 2016, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has had a certification process in place for the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard, for the different industry stakeholders to show their capability to support NDC messaging. Amadeus has now renewed its level 3 certification for Altéa NDC on 18.1, the latest version of the standard, which was released in March this year.

What’s different about version 18.1 is that it is generated based on the new aviation industry data model, which IATA has been working on with Amadeus and other industry partners. This new data model aims to provide a consistent industry repository and methodology to help define the use and structure of new and existing standards. This will support the deployment and industrialization of new standards, such as NDC.

“We’ve been working hand in hand with IATA and other industry partners to test and improve this latest version of the standard, which will help to drive industrialization and adoption. Version 18.1 and the new data model means that NDC messages between airlines and third parties – whether aggregators, travel sellers or corporations – now have a more defined structure,” says Gianni Pisanello, VP, NDC-X program, Amadeus.

Pisanello continues: “In simple terms, this means that we are getting a step closer to the milestone when all the industry players will be able to speak and interpret the NDC language, in the same way, which is a key benefit for the whole industry. We’re pleased to be the first company to be certified on the 18.1 version, as proof of our ongoing partnership with IATA and our commitment to making NDC work for the industry.”

“Our NDC standard and the certification process is going from strength to strength, and we’re excited to see how NDC is helping to usher in a new era of airline retailing,” says Yanik Hoyles, Director, New Distribution Capability Program, IATA. “Amadeus has always been an active member of our NDC working groups, and this certification is testament to its collaborative approach.”

This certification as an IT provider follows on from Amadeus’ previous level 3 certification as an IT provider and level 1 certification as an aggregator in 2016 and 2017. Amadeus is also on track to achieve level 3 certification as an aggregator later this year.

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. The company’s clients include providers of services in the tourism and transportation sectors, such as airlines, hotels, railway companies, ferry companies, etc. tourism service sellers, namely travel agencies and websites and tourism service buyers, such as corporations and travel companies.

The company employs around 15,000 people worldwide – in the central divisions of Amadeus in Madrid (head office), Nice (Development Center) and Erding (Data Processing Center), as well as in 71 regional commercial organizations in more than 190 countries.

In 2017, Amadeus celebrated 30 years of its international business – 30 years of cooperation with customers, 30 years of technological innovation and 30 years of providing better quality travel for travelers around the world.

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