European Union introduces mandatory safety certificate for aircraft

The EU authorities have put a new system in place to prevent the entry of airplanes that do not meet safety standards into the European airspace, RIA Novosti, Russia, reports with reference to the European Commission.

According to the established rules, any aircraft from countries outside the EU that is part of the Union’s airspace must have a single flight safety certificate operating throughout Europe, called “third-country operator’s permit” (TCO).

“In accordance with the efforts of the European Union to make the European airspace as safe as possible, Eurocontrol is now deploying a new system to prevent the entry of unsafe aircraft into European airspace,” the European Commission said.

The new system is designed to alert air traffic controllers of all Member States that an aircraft that does not have such permission is trying to enter the airspace. The aircraft will thus be refused passage.

“The new system is the result of close cooperation between the commission, Eurocontrol and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in the framework of joint efforts to create the best safety management tools,” the report says.

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