Daily Archives: 21.06.2018

Colombian football national team flies by Uzbekistan Airways’ plane in Russia

The Colombian Football Federation has selected Uzbekistan Airways to transport its national team in Russia.

Jurmala Business Aviation Forum – the main summer event for business aviation

The Jurmala Business Aviation Forum (JUBAF) will be held in Jurmala, Latvia, on August 16 – 18, 2018.

Kyrgyzstan’s Avia Traffic Company celebrates 15th anniversary of its formation

Avia Traffic Company registered in Kyrgyzstan has been operating in the country’s civil aviation market for 15 years.

Plane makes emergency landing in India’s Mumbai due to hydraulic system failure

Passenger airliner belonged to Air India, which carried 176 passengers, made an emergency landing in Mumbai due to a hydraulic system failure, the Financial Express newspaper reported citing a source at the airport.

We are flying on vacation. How to avoid spoiling it right at Kyrgyz airports?

It’s time for holidays, many Kyrgyz people will spend them outside the country. But it is worth remembering that the flight is a very important part of it.

Turkish Airlines to render assistance to Kyrgyzstan in holding World Nomad Games

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev held a meeting on preparations for the 3rd World Nomad Games the day before. The press service of the government of Kyrgyzstan reported.

Aviation Glory Avenue in Bishkek to become clear indicator of generations’ continuity

On June 20, 2018 the Kyrgyz Aviation Institute named after Abdraimov organized a fundraising marathon for the project aimed to organize and improve the Aviation Glory Alley in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, during which over KGS 300 thousand (USD 1 = KGS 68.4) were collected.