The World Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day is celebrated on July 12th

Annually on July 12th, the flight attendants of civil aviation celebrate their professional holiday. The profession of flight attendants is over 80 years old. It is believed that the flight attendant profession appeared in Germany in 1928, when a special person, the steward, was taken aboard the aircraft, whose duties included providing the service during the flight.

Previously, the second pilot of the aircraft was engaged in this, which was risky, as regards flight safety. First, the flight attendants’ functions were performed by men – most often they were the former waiters of expensive restaurants. However, already in 1930, there was an idea in the United States to attract attractive girls to work, as this was to become an additional advertising of passenger air travel. There was one more reason in favour of the young ladies, as they weighed less, which was of great importance for the aircraft of that time.

Ellen Church from Iowa was the first stewardess in the history of aviation. On her first flight in this capacity, she set off on May 15, 1930, the plane followed the flight en route San Francisco – Cheyenne. Ellen graduated from nursing courses, in addition, she privately took flight management lessons and this was the decisive argument in her favour: the girl herself offered her services to the airline. Moreover, it was Ms. Church who was commissioned to recruit the first group to train future flight attendants.

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