Boeing becomes interested in a train-plane concept

The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing has interested in the idea of ​​a train-plane called “Link & Fly”.

The aircraft can land on railroad tracks, the fuselage detaches from the wings and continues along the rails as a high-speed train. The original concept was invented by the Akka Technologies engineers.

The plane-train has a length of 33.8 meters, a height of 8.2 meters and a wing span of 48.8 meters. According to the authors of this project, “Link & Fly” will be able to climb to a height of 12 kilometers and develop a speed of about 1,000 kilometers per hour.

Maurice Ricci, CEO, Akka Technologies, informed Bloomberg that concept represents a fuselage to which wings join. Passengers arrive at railway stations or metro stations, where they board a train. After this, the train arrives at the airport, where wings are attached to it. Transformation into the plane is completed, and the device detaches from the ground.

According to Mr. Ricci, the conceptual idea of ​this train aircraft interested not only Boeing representatives, but also a number of Asian investors.

Note that now NASA and Boeing jointly develop a plane with a folding wing. In January, NASA conducted tests controlled remotely prototype, whose wings can bend up and down from 0 to 70 degrees. The prototype made three flights with wings in the “zero” position, with 70 degrees upward and downward as much.

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