Stewardess named Jeannanisso: Labour everyday life of Tajik Sky Girls

On July 12, the World Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day is celebrated and we have an opportunity to show the charming faces of the domestic flight attendants working with Somon Air and Tajik Air, as well as learn more about how they should look and what they should be able to do.

Since the very first years of civil aviation, flight attendants were assigned by the co-pilots. It is clear that the case was risky, therefore later the crew of the passenger aircraft began to include the third member – the steward.

It happened for the first time in 1928 in Germany. Several years later, namely in 1930, and already in the US, it was decided to take on this position of young attractive girls who were christened “heavenly” girls – Sky Girls.

Then they assumed that this would serve as a good advertisement for passenger air travel, and because of this, the girls a priori weighed less, and on board, as everyone knows, they accounted for each kilogram, because the overload increased the amount of jet fuel consumed.

Today, airlines still prefer slim girls (not thin!), But from other, but not less practical reasons: the passage between the rows of the aircraft is rather narrow, therefore it is more difficult for flight attendants with excess weight to perform their direct duties. Speaking of them.

Stewardesses should …

The list of job descriptions of the first stewardesses was almost slavish. In addition to standard duties, stewardesses were supposed to, for example, weigh passengers and their luggage, deal with loading and unloading, before departure, clean up in the cabin and the pilot’s cabin, if necessary, interrupt the flies.

In places of intermediate landings, they had to carry buckets of fuel to refuel the airliner. And when the plane was arriving at the final destination, it was to help ground personnel to roll it into the hangar. If you now have the same responsibilities with our stewardesses, it’s unlikely that girls would have dreamed of this profession since childhood.

If we compare the official duties of the first stewardesses with the modern ones, they will seem not so complicated. But this is not so. If only because they have to stay constantly on their feet – for hours on end. Okay in comfortable shoes, but, according to the dress code, the stewardess should always be on high heels.

Flight attendants begin their work long before the flight – with a briefing at the head office before or after the physical examination and only after that they begin their basic duties. And in each team there is always a reserve flight attendant, who is ready in case of discomfort of one of the team members.

So, the duties of flight attendants of Tajik airlines include passenger service and order and safety on board the aircraft.

“Modern flight attendants do not clean up in airplanes – this is the responsibility of employees of ground maintenance units of aircraft. Flight attendants, in turn, control the sanitary condition on board the aircraft during the flight. Operational small cleaning in their duties, of course, is included, but in cases of any serious pollution – this place is isolated for passengers to visit (for example, the toilet room can be closed for the remainder of the flight time and passengers use other latrines), – says Tatiana Ryashentseva, the senior flight attendant and instructor of flight attendants, Tajik Air.

“Flyers do not beat flies, do not carry fuel in buckets – these are also tasks of ground handling of aircraft. They do not clean shoes for passengers, as these are the tasks of the passengers themselves; airplanes are not being pushed into the hangar – there is a special equipment at the aerodromes for these purposes,” Mrs. Ryashentseva noted.

“Generally speaking, the professionalism of flight attendants is based on high ethics, excellent communication skills, universal knowledge and rich practical work. We always make every effort to ensure that each of our passengers with a smile on their face, with a good positive mood, made a flight and planned to fly back by our airline by return flight,” she noted.

“We attach great importance to the ability of our stewardesses to manage their negative emotions and the ability to smile in any situation,” Mrs. Ryashentseva said.

Appearance and age are not the main thing. Although…

As for the requirements to the appearance of the pretenders, they have not changed in practice. The stewardess should still have an attractive appearance. True, the age bracket rose from 25 to 28 years, as well as the requirements for growth – from 160 cm to 165 cm.

According to Brigitte Wareham, senior manager of the Somon Air’s conductors service, the appearance of stewardesses during selection is given great importance, but not a priority, as well as there are no certain standards of appearance.

“For us, for example, it does not matter whether the applicant’s face is round or oval. It is enough that it is attractive. When recruiting flight attendants, we look, first of all, at a good command of English, Russian and Tajik languages, the client orientation of applicants and we welcome the experience in the service sector,” Mrs. Wareham said.

According to her, Somon Air flight attendants should have a competent speech and a clear diction, be able to concisely express their thoughts, speak clearly, simply, briefly. Maintain the correct emotional tone of the conversation. Their voice should be soft, moderate volume, but not quiet, with benevolent intonation.

It is also interesting that passengers, for the most part, want to see attractive young girls in the person of flight attendants aboard the plane. Most likely, because most of the passenger flow is made up of men. Nevertheless, airlines are not in a hurry to retire older women.

According to the Labour Code of Tajikistan and the General Aviation Regulations of Tajikistan, the age limit for people employed, as flight attendants, is not extended, except for contraindications for health reasons and for the conclusion of the VLEC.

The 56-year-old flight attendant Andrei Bikchurin from Somon Air and 58-year-old Natalya Filchakova from Tajik Air, who are distinguished by their unique work experience and rich professional knowledge and skills, are the most “aged” flight attendants of Tajik airlines.

Birth and Name Day on board

Tajik flight attendants found themselves in various situations. For example, the stewardess Gulnoz Gulrezova working with Tajik Air had to take an emergency childbirth during the flight en route St. Petersburg – Dushanbe.

“It’s been 10 years already, and I remember everything as it is now. It happened on December 13, 2008. One of our passengers started deliveries right during the flight. We were clearly aware of the responsibility that lay on our shoulders in those hours. Thanks to professional skills, calmness and appropriate knowledge, we successfully took delivery. When I took the child in my arms and heard his first cry, I was the happiest person on the planet. Over the years, we have maintained warm and friendly relations with this family,” Mrs. Gulrezova recalls.

Valery Maklakova, flight attendant administrator, the former senior flight attendant, Somon Air, has something to remember:

“Every day, spent on a voyage, leaves a special pleasant impression. It is always with special feeling that the stories connected with children are recalled. So, in particular, last year during the flight we were honored on board the five-year-old fan of Somon Air, which dreams of becoming a pilot. Neither the boy nor the grandmother accompanying him was aware of this surprise. You cannot imagine the happy eyes of a toddler when he heard his name on the speakerphone and then was invited to a business class where the crew members handed him a gift and made some memorable photos.”

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