There could be a human factor – Minister tells about incident with Air Astana’s plane in Astana

Zhennis Kassymbek, Minister for Investment and Development, Kazakhstan, commented on the incident with the Air Astana’s aircraft, when the plane rolled out the runway during the heavy wind in Astana, Kazakhstan, according to the Kazinform News Agency.

“Aviation incidents are being investigated for quite a long time. For example, as regards the incident in Shu, Kazakhstan, the investigation was completed, and the materials were transferred to law enforcement agencies. And, as regards the incident with Air Astana’s plane, the investigation is still under way. First of all, I can say that there is a human factor, a crew’s error,” Mr. Kassymbek said at a press conference.

After the press conference, he explained to journalists that any incident consists in aggregate of factors. “The aircraft here was in good order, the weather conditions were severe, but before the incident and after it, planes were landing. Therefore, we consider a version of crew and flight control officers’ mistakes. Now, we want to understand what really happened,” he added.

Recall, the emergency occurred during a heavy shower at the Astana’s Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport at the end of May 2018. After landing, the Airbus-320 aircraft rolled out of the runway during the run. There were 97 passengers and nine crew members on board. There were no any victims.

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