Russia, Tajikistan come up with mechanism for rapid resolution of flight disputes

The aviation authorities of Tajikistan and Russia have developed a system for the operational resolution of conflicts arising from flights to Tajik cities, said Ikrom Subkhonzoda, Director, Civil Aviation Agency under the Government of Tajikistan, according to Sputnik Tajikistan.

According to him, the new mechanism assumes that the parties will start taking into account the opportunities and interests of each other in the directions of the flight and will try not to damage the activities of the airline of the other party.

At the same time, all flights must be carried out exclusively on the basis of parity.

Mr. Subhonzoda stressed that within the framework of the Intergovernmental Commission, there will be an ad-hoc working group in the near future that will later work on resolving conflict situations regarding such issues.

“We hope that the disputes in the Spring 2018 were the last, in the future we will try not to have such moments,” Mr. Subhonzoda said.

Such disagreements between Tajikistan and Russia are quite common. The next round of the “air war” between the countries began after the Tajik aviation authorities suspended the flights of four Russian airlines.

Since April 2, five Russian airlines – Ural Airlines, UTair, S7 Airlines, North Wind and Globus – have been revoked permits for flights to Dushanbe and Khujand from the Russian regions.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, in turn, promised to take mirror measures, stopping flights of Tajik Somon Air and Tajik Air to 10 cities of Russia starting from April 1.

In the end, the countries finally managed to agree on joint further steps aimed at developing air communication, and the parties lifted the imposed mutual restrictions for airlines.

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