Supervisory board for Tajik national carrier expected to be set up

By president’s decree issued on July 10, 2018 the Supervisory Board for Tajik Air (Tajikistan’s national air carrier) will be set up.

The State Committee for Investments and State Property Management is entrusted jointly with the Civil Aviation Agency to submit proposals to the Government on bringing the relevant regulatory legal acts in line with this resolution within a month.

The Supervisory Board of Tajik Air is approved by the founder of the Air Company, which is the Government, consisting of not less than 13 people.

The Prime Minister will head the Council, and its members are the First Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister (curator of the industry), First Deputy Head of the Presidential Executive Office, Ministers of Finance, Transport, Justice, Chairperson of the State Committee for Investments and State Property Management, general directors of Tajik Air, Dushanbe International Airport, Tajik Air Navigation Agency and other persons.

Members of the Supervisory Board, in accordance with its regulations, are responsible for the effective operation of the Air Company.

The national air carrier has experienced great financial difficulties since the end of 2000th years. Experts of the airline say that the air carrier was in such a condition because of high prices for aviation jet fuel and an unstable economic situation. They believe that only state support can save the airline from the inevitable bankruptcy.

The Tajik Air’s fleet consists of 34 aircraft, five of which are in operation and 29 – in storage. In order to update the fleet, the air company’s management is working on to acquire new-generation aircraft.

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