250 flights canceled in Germany due to Ryanair pilots’ strike

Due to the strike of the pilots of the Irish Ryanair Airlines, which began on Friday night, 250 flights were canceled in Germany, as a result of this, there were inconveniences for almost 42,000 air passengers, RIA Novosti writes.

“Ryanair sells it air tickets for EUR 39 and at the same time it makes a profit of EUR 1.4 billion. It is clear that the losses are borne by workers,” a representative of the German trade union of pilots Vereinigung Cockpit said on Friday on Bayerischer Rundfunk radio station, adding that it does not exclude other protest actions in the near future.

Pilots want a “fair pay”, do not want to “carry the entrepreneurial risks of Ryanair,” she added.

The action should be completed at 02:59 am local time on Saturday. Pilots require an increase in their wages. At present, their wages are calculated based upon their hours flown.

Source – https://www.aex.ru/

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