Moscow – Dushanbe flight returns to airport due to passenger fights

Passengers of the Moscow, Russia – Dushanbe, Tajikistan flight started a fight on board the Ural Airlines airbus plane, the stewardess suffered, Interfax learned from a source in the emergency services.

“When climbing, a fight broke out among the passengers aboard the A-321 plane of Ural Airlines, Russia, one of whom began to threaten an alleged bomb during a fight,” the source said.

Flight attendants tried to separate the fighting persons, but they did not succeed. “The flight attendant injured its face. After the unsuccessful attempts to settle the conflict in the air, taking into account the threats of the fighting, the commander decided to return to the airport of departure (Moscow),” the source said.

The plane landed in Zhukovsky a few minutes ago, the police were called to the airfield.

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