Bombardier to compete for large share of jets market

According to a recent report from the UBS Global Research, due to the expected entry of Global 7500 and the next Global 5500/6500 this year, Bombardier Business Aircraft is likely to capture a larger market share of business jets with larger cabs through Gulfstream Aerospace.

The UBS Report reads, “Bombardier was inferior in the Gulfstream market share over the past few years. One of the reasons for this named the Global 7500 program delay.”

Miles Walton, UBS Analyst, said, “Against the backdrop of the sold out slots for the Global 7500 delivery until 2020, we see that Bombardier has increased its market share up to 40%. Other updates – for the Global 5000 (Global 5500) and Global 6000 (Global 6500) – should help Bombardier maintain the production levels of these two platforms, but with the newest G500 and G600 from Gulfstream, we expect that the products offered by Bombardier in direct comparison will slightly lag behind Gulfstream.”

During the last decade, Bombardier had an average of about 37% of the market share of large-size business jets, peaking at 40% in 2014 and a low of 33% last year. However, according to UBS forecasts, the company can potentially exceed 40% due to new aircraft, which will be delivered to customers by 2020.

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