Medical aviation of Kazakhstan expands coverage of its services

The medical aviation sector of Kazakhstan expands the coverage of its services, Nurzhan Otarbayev, Director, Republican Medical Aviation Center, said in his interview with the Kazinform News Agency reporter.

“Our medical aviation service is represented in all regions of our country, in each regional center. We are constantly ready and promptly manage mobile brigades of medical aviation. Meanwhile, active work is being carried out to expand the coverage area by the air ambulance service, especially in rural areas. This development of new routes of flights, landing areas and runways,” he said.

According to him, during the establishment of the air ambulance service, flights were carried out only in three or four regional centers of each region. “At present, the situation has changed dramatically. Medical assistance in the form of medical aviation covers the population of Astana, Almaty and all regional centers of 14 regions of the country,” he said.

Let’s note, the independent service of medical aviation was established in 2011. Over the whole period of the service existence, over 15,000 Kazakh residents were assisted, of which 2,537 women with obstetric pathology, 2,460 newborns, 3,249 children with pathology of childhood, 2,365 patients with circulatory system diseases, 3,177 victims of accidents, poisonings and injuries and 1,458 patients with other diseases. A total of 15,395 medical services were rendered in Kazakhstan, including 11,464 transportations, 3,027 consultations and 904 surgical operations.

According to Mr. Otarbayev, over 2,500 citizens of Kazakhstan need air medical services annually. The prevalent number of patients assisted by the medical aviation sector includes patients with pathologies of childhood, severe injuries, including those resulting from road traffic accidents, pregnant women, newborns, patients with cardiovascular pathologies and others.

Nowadays, over 30 aircraft including aircraft and helicopters are used, as they equipped with all necessary medical equipment in the interests of the medical aviation service, which allows creating all conditions for safe transportation of patients. Aviation services for medical aviation are provided by airlines licensed for this type of activity, and all aircraft used are certified in the Civil Aviation Committee, Kazakhstan.

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