Over 400 flights canceled in Japan because of the typhoon

Japanese authorities began evacuation of passengers from the Kansai airport, located on an artificial island near Osaka, Japan, Interfax writes.

The airport was closed due to the Jebi typhoon that struck Japan. This has been the strongest typhoon over the past 25 years. According to local media, about three thousand passengers were waiting for departure of canceled 400 flights.

The airport’s runways are flooded with high waves, boats and ferries have been attracted to the evacuation of people from the terminals, since a strong wind carried a 2,500-ton tanker to the bridge connecting the mainland airport and damaged it.

As of Wednesday morning, as a result of the natural disaster, according to the statement of the Yoshihide Suga, Secretary General, the Cabinet of Ministers, Japan, at least 10 people died, 300 are listed as missing.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wrote in his official tweet that the Government is taking measures to restore the airport. According to him, about 2.5 million buildings and constructions were deprived of electricity supply due to the typhoon. By the morning of Wednesday, it was possible to restore the supply of electricity for only half of them.

According to media reports, the authorities recommended evacuating 1.2 million residents of the dangerous area, 16,000 of them spent the night in shelters.

Source – https://www.aex.ru/

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