Boeing crash in Indonesia: the plane was not supposed to fly into the air

Experts in Indonesia, investigating the causes of the collapse of the liner airline Lion Air, which killed all on board 189 people, said that according to its technical condition the plane should not take off, and it should be decommissioned.

Boeing 737 Max fell into the Java Sea on October 29, shortly after departure from Jakarta airport.

A preliminary investigation revealed that a number of technical malfunctions had been discovered on the liner during previous flights.

737 Max is the newest model of the Boeing 737 and is considered one of the most popular airliners among air carriers.

The preliminary report on the crash contains information about the short time when the plane was in the air after takeoff, however, according to investigators, this does not allow an accurate conclusion about the causes of the accident.

What exactly does the report say?

According to Nurkahio Utomo, representative of the National Transport Safety Committee, the crashed Boeing could not be sent on a flight

Indonesia’s National Transport Safety Committee (KNKT) concluded that Lion Air continued to operate the aircraft despite the fact that problems had already been noted during previous flights.

The pilots could not cope with the automatic system that prevents the nose from picking up the aircraft and, as a result, the loss of thrust and a break in the corkscrew. This system first appeared in the 737 Max lineup.

During the flight on October 29, the automatic system constantly lowered its nose, even when the plane did not lose its thrust. Perhaps this was due to a faulty sensor.

The pilots tried to straighten the position, lifting their noses, but the system persistently lowered it, and this was repeated more than 20 times. It is not clear why the pilots did not perform the regular procedure to disable this automatic system.

According to Nurkahio Utomo, a representative of the National Transport Safety Committee of the country, “it is too early to conclude whether the failure of the automatic system caused the plane crash.”

He added that the plane had similar problems during the previous flight from Denpasar to Jakarta.

“From our point of view, the plane was technically faulty and should not have been operated,” the official said. However, in the report of the committee itself, such a conclusion is not voiced.

The report states that Lion Air should change its attitude towards security issues and ensure that all instructions are “in order to increase safety culture”.

The document also states that the carrier is obliged to ensure that “all operational documents are properly filled out and taken into account.”

What do they say in Boeing?

In a statement, Boeing stressed that it was “deeply saddened” by the death of the Lion Air flight.

“Our customers and their passengers continue to fly the 737 Max every day to hundreds of destinations around the world. We assure them that the 737 Max is as reliable as any other aircraft that have ever flown.”

The company’s statement further states that “a schedule of regular actions to correct an unplanned movement of a horizontal flight stabilizer” is contained in the relevant flight instructions.

It also mentions that preliminary reports suggest that the correct actions to level the nose of the aircraft were already taken during the flight from Denpasar the day before the crash.

However, they add to the company, it is unclear whether these actions were carried out during the flight on October 29.

In an interview with BBC Nurkakho, Utomo questioned Boeing’s statement about flight instructions.

“In these instructions, we did not find information on the new system installed on the 737 Max regarding the functions of the horizontal stabilization system,” he said.

In the American media, there were reports that some pilots also complained that they were not provided with information about the difference between the last stabilization system and its previous models.

How did the tragedy of October 29 unfold?

The passenger plane Boeing-737 MAX 8 of the Indonesian Lion Air crashed over the sea off the west coast of Java island shortly after departure from Jakarta to Pankalpinang.

The flight should have lasted one hour. The pilots requested permission to lie back and return to the airport just a few minutes after takeoff.

Investigators who found out the causes of the crash, it became known that during previous flights the plane had already noted problems with indicators of altitude and speed of flight. The sensor responsible for measuring the angle of attack the day before the crash was replaced.

The flight recorder has already been able to lift from the bottom of the sea, but investigators are hoping to find a second black box from the cockpit that could provide more information about the reaction of the pilots to the unfolding events.

Relatives of the crash victims have already filed lawsuits against Boeing. They accuse the company of technical failures with an automatic security system.

What is known for Lion Air?

In recent years, low-cost airline Lion Air has become an important player in the market for low-cost air travel in Southeast Asia.

This company, which also manages Batik Air and Wings Air, has a controversial security record: its aircraft had more breakdowns than any other airline in the country.

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