Air Astana plane from Astana could not land in Omsk yesterday

The plane of Air Astana, Kazakhstan, was supposed to land at Omsk airport at 10:25 am yesterday, however, according to the online scoreboard, the flight was eventually canceled due to weather conditions.

As it turned out, a musician Alexander Rosenbaum was on board this plane. Two days ago, he performed on the stage of Astana, and last night the audience was waiting for him in the Omsk Concert Hall.

In his Instagram, Mr. Rosenbaum posted two video messages to fans. In them, he said that everything was covered with snow both in Astana and in Omsk. The plane tried to land twice in Omsk, however after unsuccessful attempts it returned.

Mr. Rosenbaum noted, “Kazakhstan does not let us go. If everything is in order, and we wait for the weather, then we will fly to Omsk.”

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