Japanese pilot receives 10 months in prison for drunkenness before departure

A British court sentenced the co-pilot of Japan Airlines (JAL) to 10 months in prison for drunkenness before flying from London to Tokyo in October 2018, Interfax reports citing Mainiti.

Announcing the verdict, Judge Philip Matthews said: “The safety of people on board this long voyage was put at risk by your drunkenness.”

Katsutoshi Jitsukawa, 42, an employee of flag carrier Japan Airlines, fully admitted his guilt.

After the sentencing, Japan Airlines issued a statement expressing deep regret over the behavior of its pilot.

“We will take comprehensive measures to prevent a recurrence of such a case,” the document says.

On October 28, the 42-year-old JAL co-pilot was reportedly arrested by the British police for exceeding the 10-fold limit on alcohol in the blood set for the British aviation industry. In connection with this flight JAL departed from London to Tokyo with two pilots instead of three ones.

Source – https://www.trend.az/

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