Unattended Georgian IL-76 stands at Erzurum airport for seven years

The cargo plane of the SKY Georgia Airlines, which was closed several years ago, has been at the Turkish Erzurum airport for seven years and 29 days. According to media reports, after a powerful earthquake in the city of Van in October 2011, this IL-76TD aircraft delivered humanitarian aid from Georgia to Turkey, RusTurkey.com reports.

The plane landed at Erzurum airport on the night of October 30, but did not fly back due to a technical malfunction resulting from a collision with another plane during parking. Because of problems with the insurance company, the aircraft has stood at the same parking spot, waiting for the necessary repairs, for seven years already, despite attempts by the Turkish side to contact representatives of the airline in Georgia.

Since the plane arrived in Turkey with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance during a disaster, the General State Airports Directorate (Devlet Hava Meydanları İşletmesi – DHMI) does not have the right to charge the owner of the air vessel for parking. Otherwise, the parking fee would be about EUR 155.1 thousand or US $ 176.4 thousand per year, that is, approximately EUR 1.1 million or US $ 1.25 million for seven years.

Source – https://www.apsny.ge/

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