Yearly Archives: 2019

AZAL to open its sky to all airlines

For the first time in the history of Azerbaijan’s civil aviation, the so-called fifth and seventh freedoms of the air will start operating at all international airports of the country.

Uzbekistan Airways lower prices for flights to Moscow

Uzbekistan Airways has notified passengers planning flights from Uzbekistan to Moscow and back, Trend reports citing the company.

Flight data recorders of Kazakh Bek Air’s crashed plane found

Flight data recorders of the Bek Air company’s crashed plane were found, Kazakhstan’s Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar said, Trend reports with reference to Kazakh media.

The crashed Bek Air’s plane produced in 1996

The Bek Air plane crashed near the Almaty International Airport, was produced in 1996, said Roman Sklyar, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Trend reports quoting the Kazakh media on Friday.

Investigation launched on Bek Air’s plane crash in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh Interior Ministry launched an investigation into the crash of a Bek Air airline near Almaty on Friday morning, Trend reports citing TASS.

Almaty International Airport operates normally after airplane crash

The Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan is operating normally after a plane crash, Trend reports with reference to RIA Novosti, as the airport’s press service informed on Friday.

Kazakhstan’s Bek Air Airlines suspends its operations after plane crash

The activities of Bek Air airline were suspended until the circumstances of the crash in Almaty were clarified, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan said on Friday, Trend reports citing RIA Novosti.

Fokker 100 aircraft operations suspended in Kazakhstan after air crash

Flights of the type that crashed near Almaty, Kazakhstan have been suspended, the Fokker-100 is in the airline’s fleet, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan reports, Trend reports citing RIA Novosti.

Thai airline to start operating on Georgian civil aviation market

Thai Air Asia X Airlines has started direct charter flights from the capital of Thailand Bangkok to Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, Trend reports referring to TAV Georgia.

Fly Gangwon Airlines launches its first international flight

The new low-cost South Korean airline named Fly Gangwon launched its first international flight, KBS reported with reference to air company representatives.