Bishkek – Istanbul flight passengers spent three hours in airplane to take off

Passengers of the flight No. PC701 en route Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Istanbul, Turkey, spent three hours on the airplane waiting for taking off at Bishkek’s Manas International Airport, Asel Dooronbekova wrote on her Facebook page.

According to her, the plane was supposed to take off today at 07:05 am local time.

The Manas International Airport conformed this information to News Agency, Kyrgyzstan. According to the airport, the flight was operated by Pegasus Airlines.

“The plane has already taken off. The crew expected permission to take off from the Kyrgyz Civil Aviation Agency. The exact reasons for the flight delay must be found out from the airline. The decision to embark and disembark passengers from the plane is made by the captain of the aircraft. The passengers on board were fed, many of them did not express a desire to leave the aircraft,” the airport said.

Air Manas (Pegasus) named the reason for the delay of the Bishkek – Istanbul flight on Friday morning.

Earlier, users of social networks reported that the flight was delayed by 4.5 hours, but the reason was unknown. The plane took off from Manas International Airport at 11:42 am local time.

The air carrier informed Sputnik Kyrgyzstan that in the morning one of the indicators worked on board the aircraft, which “monitors” icing. It is noted that in winter, especially in the morning, this is one of the main problems in aviation.

“To ensure flight safety, the airline’s technical service conducted all the necessary procedures and prepared the plane. Two passengers at that time decided to abandon the flight, and the departure was delayed due to the baggage removal procedure,” Air Manas reported.

The air company added that passengers were provided with food and drinks, and those who refused to fly, will be refunded for their air tickets.

“The plane flew to Istanbul after obtaining permission from the Civil Aviation Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic,” the air carrier emphasized.

The company apologizes to passengers for any inconvenience caused.

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