Iranian Telegraph Agency: Boeing 707 flying from Bishkek crashed

The Boeing 707, flying from Bishkek, crashed today near Tehran, Iran, according to the Iranian Telegraph Agency.

It clarifies that the aviation accident occurred in the area named ​​Safadashta. Thick smoke is observed at the crash site. Emergency services including a helicopter and more than ten ambulances drove to the epicenter of the crash.

“We are confident that the aircraft was not a passenger one,” said Migitaba Khalidi, a spokesperson for the emergency agency.

According to the news agency, the plane was a cargo one and it was flying from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to Karaj in the suburbs of Tehran. There were ten crew members on board.

According to the Press TV television channel, ten people died, as a result of this air crash.

The Boeing 707 plane, which departed from the Bishkek’s Manas International Airport today belongs to one of the Iranian airlines, according to the News Agency, Kyrgyzstan.

Right now, it is known that this plane was a cargo one and it was flying from Bishkek regularly. It carried out regular transportation of chilled meat from Kyrgyzstan to Iran. There were 30 metric tons of meat on board the Boeing 707 loaded tonight.

According to, the aircraft belongs to Iran Air Tour Airlines.

According to preliminary data, the pilot lost control during landing, as a result, the plane left the runway and drove into a residential area.

Only one person, an aircraft engineer, survived, as a result of the Boeing 707 cargo plane crash. This plane took off from Bishkek today, according to the Russian media.

One noted later there were 16 people on board, whereas previously it was reported that there were ten crew members on board.

The Iranian Fars News Agency, citing information from the Iranian Emergency Management Department, said that only one person survived who was in the plane, “Among the 16 people aboard the aircraft, only its engineer survived.”

Seven dead human bodies have already been found in the air crash site, according to the Iranian Emergency Management Department.

The cargo plane crashed in the vicinity of Tehran belonged to the Iran Air Force. This is stated in the statement of the Iranian military unit.

“This morning, a Boeing 707 cargo plane that was carrying meat and flying from Bishkek, left the landing runway during an emergency landing at the airport in Alborz province, and after crashing into the runway’s bounding wall, it caught fire,” Iranian media reported.

There were no Kyrgyzstan residents aboard the crashed Boeing 707 that crashed out of Tehran when flying from Bishkek, according to the Bishkek’s Manas International Airport.

The Boeing 707-300 cargo plane owned by IRON AIR FORCE Airlines arrived from Tehran to Manas International Airport at 11:10pm local time on January 13, 2019 (DLF 155). From Bishkek, the plane flew to Paean at 07:16 am local time on January 14, 2019 (DLF 156).

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